Your husband is cheating on you too
Your husband is cheating on you too

⁃ Your husband is cheating on you too! It's just convenient for you not to notice! - Yulka's words fall like a stone into my heart.

Your husband is cheating on you too
Your husband is cheating on you too

Yulka is my classmate. We have been friends for over twenty years. And all this time, and even more, she had only one man. Alone all the time. And he, it so happened, she was not alone. Is always. At first, this man of hers was married. For ten years Yulka fought for him to leave the family. In parallel with her, other women fought to achieve the same goal. Women changed, dropped out of the race. Not Yulka. By the time she finally scratched out her betrothed from the family web, Yulka already had two children and a depressive neurosis. And they began to live together: Julia, her man, two children and neurosis. In the apartment donated, among other things, by Yulka's parents. They lived for a long time, but unhappily. Julia struggled, furiously looking for traces of possible betrayal and … found.

⁃ As soon as he arrives, I take a flashlight and go into his car, - like a sergeant in training for the hundredth time Yulka drummed into me the tactical and technical characteristics of identifying the enemy.

It should be said that a flashlight is such a sophisticated spotlight. The set of the specialist with a searchlight includes a magnifying glass, tweezers and bags with lightning for collecting evidence.

⁃ First, I examine the passenger seat mat for heel prints. These critters love to wear a hairpin! - Yulka is good, don’t you think, she’s just very much suffered from these in high heels.

Having found (or not) what she wants, Yulka begins to examine the passenger seat. Hair, lint in clothing, specks and odors all matter. Once, by the color and length of her hair, as well as cashmere pellets, Yulka recognized the homewrecker right on the playground in the courtyard of their house. Oh, and both the hair and the cashmere sweater got it! The most interesting thing is that the "Yu" method has never failed.

⁃ After inspecting the interior, I study the trunk and wheels, - continues the inventor of the method.

Wheels can convict the owner of the fact that he traveled out of town. And not just the wheels. Once, when Yulka's man was still a stranger's husband, he went on a business trip, as he told his wife and Yulka, to Rostov. I don't know how perceptive the ex-wife was, but you can't hide anything from Yulka. Having briefly examined the body of the car (without a flashlight), Yulka began to beat her man with a bag. The fact is that on the rear window a woman's finger on the dust was written: "Hello, Anapa!" It seems that it was after this incident that men's things settled in Yulka's closet, and a new diamond wound up in the box. Yulkin's chosen one has reformed. I started to wash my car often. And run in the morning. He did not run for long. Yulka clearly figured out his route - to the next house and to the eighth floor.

⁃ You understand, the shirt was wet and smelled !!! But you can't fool me so easily! I connected parental control to his phone, - new technologies delight Yulka.

Do not think that Yulka is not busy with anything else. She looks after herself and is a good housewife - all the time ironing, washing, cooking, rubbing and thinking. Thinks, without stopping, how to improve operational and investigative measures to detect betrayals. And he comes up with. There is a beacon in the trunk of the "criminal". Printouts are requested from the telephone company every week.

⁃ Here look. At 8:30 - just left the house! - dialed this number, two seconds and dropped. 8:35 - five minutes! - incoming from this number. She is married! Understand? - Yulka, like a commander over the map, outlines strategically important numbers in red.

I do not understand. And a hundred times already told my friend about it. Trying at one hundred and one. Timidly.

⁃ Can you not look for anything?

⁃ He will cheat, but I won't know ?! Are you out of your mind? Your husband is cheating on you too! It's just convenient for you not to notice! - Yulka's words fall like a stone into my heart.

I feel this stone all the way home. But what if? No, mine doesn't run in the morning. But in the evenings it is sometimes delayed. And the car washes often. No … Yes or no? ⁃ You just look into his phone, - Yulkin's voice does not leave me - when he falls asleep, look at the whatsapp! Better to mark it in the settings - send chats by mail! And do not forget to check the SMS … Watch or not watch? Whom to believe? Yulka? Husband? Eve. Ru?

⁃ I read that only impotent and latent homosexuals do not cheat on their wives! - the recording of Yulka's voice does not cease in my head.

Mine is definitely not impotent. You still need to look at the whatsapp. And sms. And the car. And go crazy. Like Yulka. No. I'll wake him up and ask him. Like, confess, cheating or latent ?! Under the pressure of such arguments is recognized, of course. What changes. What should I do about it? After solving the crime, Yulka always packs her suitcases. For this she has two special pretty suitcases. Gently removes his clothes from the hangers and carefully folds them (then iron and hang them again). Puts the suitcases against the door. For him, this is a sign - like a flowerpot for Pastor Schlag. He leaves without his suitcases. Returns with a ring or something else expensive. No, of course, Yulka does all this not because of the rings. It's just that once upon a time a good girl fell in love with a bad man. Everyone tried to dissuade her. And the parents even beat me. But Yulka is monogamous and purposeful. Stubborn.

Elena Bukreeva

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