How to survive a fire on an airplane
How to survive a fire on an airplane

14 essential rules to help you escape in an emergency.

Author - Rina Golovchiner

How to survive a fire on an airplane
How to survive a fire on an airplane

1. When checking in for your flight online, take seats as close to the gates as possible.

2. While briefing the flight attendant, listen carefully, remember where the emergency exits are.

3. Count the number of rows from your seat to the nearest emergency exit in advance. In the event of a fire, visibility can be very difficult, you have to move by touch. In general, make it a rule to think over an escape route anywhere. Yes, and a spare too.

4. As soon as the "Smoke" sign lit up, the plane stopped on the runway or began to descend in the air, and the flight attendants gave the command to move towards the exit, do not sit in the seat. Get up as soon as possible.

5. No, you do not need to take carry-on baggage. Never ever.

6. Remove high heels and stockings / tights / leggings. If you have outerwear or a woolen blanket on hand, wear them to protect yourself from fire. Try to cover any exposed skin.

7. Move as fast as possible. You have less than two minutes to evacuate.

8. Listen to crew commands. According to the rules, they are the last to leave the aircraft, it is in their interest to evacuate all passengers as quickly as possible.

9. If the interior is smoky, try not to breathe smoke. Bend down or even crawl. Dampen a rag or napkin - at least pee if there are no other liquids at hand - and breathe through it.

10. If the line does not move or a crush has begun, go to another exit. You can climb over the chairs - if you sharply tilt the backs forward.

11. Do not open self-closed hatches without a command, this may intensify the fire. In addition, you will break all bones by jumping off the board without a ladder. But if this is the only way out in a critical situation, this may be your only chance. Just check through the porthole for a fire outside the exit.

12. Do not be blunt in front of the inflatable ladder, this is not a children's slide, you do not need to sit down and slide on it. Jump. Do not wait for the previous passenger to land on the ground.

13. Once outside, try to move as far away from the aircraft as possible,> 100 meters. It can explode.

14. Don't panic. Don't hysteria. Don't slow down. Do not move against the stream. Do not interfere with the work of the conductors and do not ignore their instructions. Your task is to get out of the burning plane as quickly as possible and survive.

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