11, 14, 26 and 29 - remember these days of May! They will be the watershed. Horoscope for all zodiac signs
11, 14, 26 and 29 - remember these days of May! They will be the watershed. Horoscope for all zodiac signs

May 11 is a new moon, it is from this day that a new month begins for all of us, and on May 14, the planet of great happiness Jupiter, like an astrological Santa Claus, will begin to distribute his gifts to everyone. The eclipse, which will come on May 26 and will last until June, will also bring its possibilities. But be careful, by May 29, Mercury retrograde will return to us for three whole weeks, and nothing new can be started during this period. But you shouldn't be afraid at all, notes the astrologer Elena Verbitskaya, who came to the studio of Radio Romantika to give a full breakdown of all the signs of the Zodiac for May.

11, 14, 26 and 29 - remember these days of May! They will be the watershed. Horoscope for all zodiac signs
11, 14, 26 and 29 - remember these days of May! They will be the watershed. Horoscope for all zodiac signs


For you, Aries, the new moon in the sector of completion (12th sector of the horoscope), you are undergoing changes in your life. You need to get rid of the past. If something has served or you don't like it, free yourself, let it go with ease and move on to May as a new cycle of life. On the new moon of May 11, you will have liberation, and on May 14, you will be able to replace what you have freed yourself from and attract more positive, more resourceful things that you need for life into your life. On May 26, we move into the eclipse corridor, it is in the seventh sector of the horoscope - partnership. Be careful, do not conflict, do not quarrel. Test your relationship for strength. And also, if the work is related to the human factor, where there is a client base, then wait for its update. There is also an opportunity to find an interesting investor who can invest in your project.


May Taurus make wishes and be sure to be positive on your birthday, let all your cherished wishes come true. From May 11, the new moon in the first sector of the horoscope is an update, take your chance and act. May for you (at least until May 29) is a month of opportunities. Cultivate positive thinking, turn on your positive energy, be quick, consistent and energetic. On May 14, Jupiter will be in the sector of collectives, friends - new interesting personalities may appear in life. Also, the 11th sector of the horoscope is sometimes still associated with the second or third marriage. Maybe someone gets married, or gets married, or meets a partner. May 26 eclipse in the financial sector of the horoscope. There may be new ways to make money, reconsider this issue, give a chance to a new one and act. But remember that on May 29 we are by no means creating anything new and are not chopping off our shoulders.


Representatives of the air element - the May Gemini - can also make a wish, be positive. May 11 is for you liberation from everything old and unnecessary. Plan new things, attract them into your life and be active. May 14 Jupiter is in the career sector, and this is status, growth, achievements and popularity. Plan important events. If you've been dreaming about your dream job for a long time, go ahead and create every opportunity for it. May 26 eclipse in the partnership sector. Relationships, marriage, divorce, contracts, contacts - all separated by commas, because for everyone it can manifest itself in different ways. Be the focus of attention in these areas. The quality of life will change, the attitude towards yourself and other people towards you. There is an opportunity to grow in your competencies. And on May 29, be careful, you are Gemini: Mercury is your ruler planet. Most importantly, do not create chaos, take your time, plan everything in advance. The quieter you go, the further you'll get.


For representatives of the water element on May 11, the new moon will be in the sector of like-minded friends, activity in social networks, groups. Mars is in the first sector of the horoscope, therefore impulsivity, somewhere even aggressiveness, can increase. And be careful, Cancer, do not push the relationship to such a limit to part with your loved one. But for those who have long been waiting for the development of events in terms of resolving a divorce, a long-awaited release will come. On May 14, Jupiter in the ninth sector of the horoscope is a planet in its own home, this is very good and promises good luck, travel or broadening one's horizons. Jupiter always gives abundance. This is acquaintance, growth in business, for those who have planned something new, it is time to act. If you suddenly quickly organize and realize that you are not progressing further, do not be discouraged. Jupiter briefly enters the sign of Cancer, only for 2, 5 months, but he will return on New Year's and even then he will stay in the career growth sector for a whole year. This will be the climax. Do not worry, the planet of miracles will give everything. May 26 eclipse in the sector of work and health, such a story will continue until June 10. But it is highly desirable not to do anything important on May 29.

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You have a new moon in your career sector. From May 11, you will see changes in the field of business, new like-minded people may appear. Perhaps one of you will go to study or your status will change. A new life, a new sphere, marriage, marriages, the birth of children, the long-awaited realization - everything can change. On May 14, Jupiter will present an expansion of opportunities in the financial sector - this is income, contracts, projects, business investments. Invest your money, Leo. On May 26, an eclipse in the fifth sector of the horoscope - the sector of children, hobbies, love, new projects, opportunities - there will also be changes here. Do not forget, May 29 - Mercury retrograde, we pause everything new and promote only old projects.


For you, the new moon will begin in the ninth sector of the horoscope, which will give you a unique opportunity to become better, and primarily in terms of creativity and self-realization. For example, if you are engaged in a personal business, then you will not do without drastic changes. Do what you wanted for a long time, most importantly, do not deceive yourself and do whatever is necessary for this. You will have the opportunity to change everything in the shortest possible time. This is your chance, your time. And on May 14, Jupiter will come to the seventh sector of the horoscope (partnership sector). For lonely Virgos, it becomes possible to find a partner, recognize him and understand what kind of person he is. And it's a great time for business too - to attract investments, investors, recruit and train staff, your leadership role. On May 26, the eclipse will go on the family sector. If you have long dreamed of making repairs, moving or buying and selling, this is the time. Just have time to complete all the most important things before May 29.


For the most positive people, the new moon is in the sector of realizing everything possible. Feelings come to the fore, not reason, keep this in mind when drawing up business plans and strategies for the month. In the professional field, it makes sense to make far-reaching plans. Moreover, at the beginning of the month you will see results that can radically change your life, change the situation. As for personal relationships, difficulties can arise only for those who have not yet found a life partner. Family Libra is lucky enough at this stage, there is no need to lose a positive mood, and then everything will be fine.


For representatives of the water element, Mars, the ruler of your sign, continues to occupy a strong leading position in the sky. Therefore, first, control your emotions, especially when the situation gets out of control. Secondly, in no case, even in your thoughts, do not shift the responsibility to other people. As for personal relationships, do not rush things, be prepared for anything, especially for a serious conversation. Most importantly, don't be isolated and share your success with the people around you. And the new moon on May 11 will be in the seventh sector of the horoscope - partnership. New opportunities await you, such as meeting a new business investor, or you will be recruiting people to your team. On May 14, Jupiter will be in the love sector - this is an amazing period for romance. On May 26, there is an eclipse in the financial sector of the horoscope, incomes may change, you can reconsider the sources of income and plan further prospects.


Some obstacles await your sign, which are best to be overcome not impudently, but with tact and patience. In the professional field, keep making preconfigured plans, you are acting in the right way. At work, you can identify milestones - prospects for growth. If intuition advises you to hurry up, you need to do it without fail. May 11 new moon in the sixth sector - work. All Sagittarius who were looking for a job will find it. Those who are already working can look forward to promotion and new opportunities. On May 14, Jupiter is in the clan, family sector - you can amazingly get together in the company of loved ones, call your parents, have a great time. For those who want to buy an apartment, taking out a mortgage is also a good period for moving, traveling and renovating. On May 26, an eclipse in the first sector of the horoscope is an opportunity to reach a new level, because the eclipse is in the sign of Sagittarius. Wait for a change and boldly change.


Representatives of the earth element in the professional sphere will see unique opportunities. All Capricorns will have to prove themselves, and it will take not so much active, but competent, targeted and thoughtful action. Focus on attention. Success depends on how timely you can react, make decisions clearly, clearly and specifically on the case, how quickly you will be able to react to changing circumstances. Be more flexible. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, but you need to be flexible. The new moon on May 11 is in the sector of love, so enjoy the partnership, be in joy. On May 14, Jupiter will be in the third sector of the horoscope - these are contacts, communication and learning, new skills, short trips, adventures. May 26 eclipse in the career sector - it is recommended to change focus, act and make decisions.


For representatives of the air element in May, it is recommended to work hard, choosing the maximum power for yourself. Pedal to the floor and race in full sail. For what it is needed, the circumstances will show, for you the most important thing is to be ready for anything, then luck will surely take your position. On May 11, the new moon will be in the clan sector, meetings are possible, maybe parental obligations, mom will come to visit or you will go to your homeland. On May 14, Jupiter will be giving out gifts in the financial sector of the horoscope. Self-esteem may change, there is an opportunity to increase income. May 26 eclipse in the sector of friends. There can be interesting and even embarrassing moments related to the environment. Be careful. You may have to say goodbye to someone.


May is quite an emotional month. For you, as for most other signs, feelings during this period will intensify, come to the fore. And the planet Jupiter, your ruler, will be in your sign. She will provide sufficient motivation and a favorable coincidence of circumstances, moments to implement your plans, to comprehend something new, for career heights, so listen to your heart. And envious people will just bounce back. You have a chance to protect yourself from such people. Fate will offer you new opportunities, and you yourself will choose the path. In resolving situations that have arisen in the professional sphere, new opportunities will open up, permutations of any scale are possible. Most importantly, do not stay away from what is happening, then everything will work out for you. New Moon May 11 in the financial sector - wait for a change. May 14 Jupiter in the first sector of the horoscope, rejoice, Pisces, however, joy only for 2, 5 months. And in winter, on New Year's, this planet will remain in your sign for a whole year, which means that everything laid down from May will serve you faithfully. The eclipse on May 26 will be in the final sector of the horoscope. And in order to prepare well for the new stage, you need to get rid of everything that is unnecessary and old.

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