Aquarius - urgently in the registry office, Taurus - get ready for changes! August horoscope for all zodiac signs
Aquarius - urgently in the registry office, Taurus - get ready for changes! August horoscope for all zodiac signs

August gives you the opportunity to analyze all the actions of the first half of the year. If, of course, this is not prevented by a possible explosive line of behavior - until August 12, the planet of communications Mercury will be in the astrological constellation Leo. And all fire signs - Leo, Sagittarius and especially Aries - astrologers recommend to be more restrained.

Aquarius - urgently in the registry office, Taurus - get ready for changes! August horoscope for all zodiac signs
Aquarius - urgently in the registry office, Taurus - get ready for changes! August horoscope for all zodiac signs

“In mid-August, Mercury will turn into Virgo, and systematicity will appear in our life - this is a great time to focus on a specific issue, complete a project or start a new, long-term one,” astrologer Elena Verbitskaya said on the air of Radio Romantika. However, it is not only fire signs that are in danger.

- Lilith is walking in Gemini - this is a black moon, a kind of dark side of its energetic influence. But everything can be turned to your advantage if you listen to your inner feelings. You feel that you have been carried away somewhere, that you are in a toxic society, the offers are not very favorable - most likely, they really are. Trust your intuition, be always alert and very careful - Lilith will have an impact for another seven months, and who knows what exam is in store for you! The most important thing: not to be afraid, to tell myself, I can, I will do everything - and tune in to the positive.

However, most signs in August will feel pretty good. And to maintain good moral well-being this month, it is important to improve attitudes towards health, recharge with solar energy, and exercise. An additional recommendation to representatives of the fire elements is not to go for too much expenses.

Also in August of this year, the influence of Pluto will reach its climax. This planet will guide us and help us transform in situations where growth and development is required. Therefore, some zodiac signs may feel a certain amount of pressure. In addition, Uranus retrograde will take place in Taurus on August 20. And everyone born under this sign will face fundamental changes. Consider this - there is a chance to rewrite life from scratch, do not be afraid to open up to new opportunities.

Aquarius - urgently to the registry office, Taurus - get ready for changes! August horoscope for all zodiac signs
Aquarius - urgently to the registry office, Taurus - get ready for changes! August horoscope for all zodiac signs


You will have to collect all your potential and throw it out in order to activate creativity. This will help you gain recognition for your talents. You are lucky this month - luck will certainly smile on you. August is good for any beginnings - there are no barriers in love for new relationships and in work for you, too. Take action, use your chance. In September, Mercury retrograde will no longer give you this opportunity.


Wait for a change - on August 20, Uranus will follow your sign. You should turn your gaze to the solution of an inner problem, maybe reveal some kind of inner fear and go through it in order to activate creativity. This will let you know what you want. The planet also recommends and warns you to be careful. For those who are engaged in their own business, it is better not to rush, do not cut from the shoulder, and proceed with caution. Keep in mind that in September we will have a retrograde Mercury, there will be an opportunity to go back, review all our mistakes, blunders, complete what we started. But most importantly, feel free to ask your friends for help, they will be able to help and support you.


You must adhere to everything new - create projects and be on the alert, because the planet Lilith will test you for strength. Be careful, but at the same time, there is an opportunity to reveal your talents. Many surprises: in mid-August, Uranus may bring new information, it may also be shocking. But don't worry, hold on and hold on. Go, switch, be at ease, on the positive, do not interfere in the struggle of the mind games of other people, if you feel this, step aside. Astrology also recommends not to start bright things yet, but to settle down and take a closer look. At first, it is better to choose what you want and postpone this opportunity until the first half of September.


You should address urgent issues and review your actions in previous periods, especially during the summer. In August, a quick change of events, nervous situations can be expected, Uranus can influence you, try not to agree to adventurous deals and offers. Your money sector has become more active, you can lose finances, so do not be gullible and check who you are giving money to. For lonely representatives of the sign, a decisive situation can occur on the love front - be bolder, show yourself, and then personal happiness will be with you all August.

a lion

You are the kings of the month. And the new moon, and the full moon, and Mercury are in the sign of Leo. This is an opportunity to show your willpower, charm and charisma. You just need to show the strength of your character, to overcome negative circumstances in life. If you are determined to fight, then it is better to come to terms with some situation, and then the stars will support you. Astrological aspects recommend taking the initiative, especially at work - opening a new business, creating projects, recruiting a new team, making a name for yourself, then you can expect a promotion. Most importantly, don't criticize your boss, yourself or other people.


You have a month of 50x50. Uranus will follow your sign. Most importantly, plan everything and double-check your actions. For anyone who is creative or works in a creative-related business, August is a good month to be recognized. Financial problems are not expected this month. But at some point, you will have to accumulate your strength and do whatever is necessary to make even more money. Also, avoid scandals and intrigues, be on the lookout.


You have many opportunities to gain popularity. Luck is in your hands. There are no barriers in communication, you will be able to implement your long-planned plans, so take action. This can be a change of residence, job, or cardinal changes in the image, in the profession, even in marital status. Open up to everything new with ease.


You will be haunted by a certain past. But there is a chance of doing the right thing, you just have to think it over and determine the very point to which you need to return. After you restore your energy and strength, the stars recommend taking care of your inner state, especially working out the subconscious. This may require a variety of things from you - a change in thinking and even a temporary change of place of residence, because the ghosts of the past can be very negative for you. Lonely Scorpios should be patient a little and not yet storm the sympathy of the chosen man.


You are advised to relax in August. It's time to master relaxation techniques, go for a massage, and relax. We'll have to solve different situations, problems that every now and then will arise in the family and at work. And there will be a lot of work. Also ignore scandals, squabbles, restrain yourself as much as possible, let go of all unnecessary, relax, use this month in order to recharge for a whole year.


Think about your studies. Self-improvement and acquisition of new skills and knowledge is what is important for you in August. The period will be even more successful if you find patronage in the person of new people, especially the Lion's fiery temperament. Listen to them, there is an opportunity to enter into a happy partnership, both at work and in relationships. In August, you should do self-improvement, study, books, walk, meet a large number of interesting people, learn new skills from them. And you can even improve your level of competence, for example, learn languages.


A certain situation is approaching you, like a blue cloud. You should try to take a vacation and rest. Don't forget to spend time with your family and friends. All month you will be thrown in one direction or the other - from making a decision to what and how to do. There will be a struggle within you. The most important thing is to listen to your intuition. For your health, everything will be great, astrologers recommend more rest. And for those who marry or get married in August, everything is going amazingly - the marriage promises to be strong, happy and for a long time.


August can show the shady sides of your life. You may need to go back in time, pay off debts, make some payments, do your work that you might not have completed. And the stars recommend you to spend their efforts, attention and energy on the arrangement of your home, your home, your place of power, then there will be even more energy and opportunities. The lonely representatives of Pisces may finally have an affair. Take a closer look at those who are next to you - maybe this is the one you have dreamed of for a long time?

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