Incredible Gregorian show in Moscow
Incredible Gregorian show in Moscow

Within the framework of the world tour "The Epic Chants Tour 2013" in support of the latest album "Master Of Chant - ChapterVIII" the German band "Gregorian" will again visit Moscow. The famous collective is preparing for its Russian audience a new large-scale and, as always, impressive, spectacular show.

Incredible Gregorian show in Moscow
Incredible Gregorian show in Moscow

The current leader and creator of Gregorian, Frank Peterson, has previously worked with Sarah Brightman, Sandra and Enigma. Having created his project, the musician fully realized his ideas and fantasies.

Frank recruited a choir of 12 vocalists - the most famous session singers in England, from famous cathedral choirs and classical institutes, who sang in the best churches in England. Recording an album titled “Masters Of Chant. Chapter I”took about a year. The album went on sale at the end of 1999. The mixing of musical styles was so successful that the album immediately took off to the top of the charts and sold millions of copies.

The Masters of Chant series of albums they have created has always had a steady commercial success. Each album is a series of arrangements of famous compositions and some songs by "Gregorian".

The Gregorian group has been a unique group performing modern pop and rock compositions in the medieval Gregorian style for about twenty years.

Gregorian is a musical bridge between medieval Gregorian chants and modern pop and rock compositions.

Unlike performers of genuine Gregorian chants, "Gregorian" use an impressive instrumental accompaniment, including guitar (depending on the composition - electric or acoustic), percussion, keyboard instruments. Computer processing of music with the help of special effects is also used.

The unique style of "Gregorian" was appreciated by fans all over the world. In ten years, about 5 million records have been sold and more than 1 million fans have attended the band's concerts.

The Gregorian repertoire includes a wide range of numbers: from Christmas songs to classic compositions by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Queen, Aphrodite's Child, Deep Purple, Metallica, Phil Collins, Rammstein, Mylene Farmer, Nightwish, etc. also own compositions.

Participants of "Gregorian" in every possible way support the image of medieval monks: at concerts, vocalists perform in monastic cassocks, and songs are performed exclusively by the chorus, where the voices merge into a single whole.

Gregorian concerts are always a powerful instrumental accompaniment. Many people compare their performances with concerts of rock bands: songs are performed live, and an incredible, mysterious and memorable show reigns on the stage. Gregorian is not just a band - Gregorian has long become an independent musical genre.

In the new album, Frank Peterson returns to the origins of the band. The new CD is a sequel to the "Masters Of Chant Chapter" series. "Master Of Chant - Chapter 8" includes hits such as: "Pride" (U2), "The Rose" (Bette Midler), "Wake me up when September ends" (Greenday), "Streets Of Philadelphia" (Bruce Springsteen) and others.

The show will take place on March 15 at Crocus City Hall

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