What tasty treats won't you get better from?
What tasty treats won't you get better from?

Probably every woman dreams of a slim body. But the modern rhythm of life with quick snacks on the go is doing its job - extra pounds are inevitably deposited on our waist. And in an instant you understand - you can't pull any longer!

What tasty treats won't you get better from?
What tasty treats won't you get better from?

It is necessary to go on a diet, but harder, so that not an ounce of sweetness. However, the body cannot be outsmarted. And sooner or later, even the most strong-willed women develop an irrepressible craving for sweets. How lose weight correctly without restrictions and disruptions?

Not a single calorie

All nutritionists, as one, are categorical in their statements: "No sugar if you decide to say goodbye to extra pounds." And these are not empty words.

The calorie content of sugar is really very high - there are as many as 400 kcal in 100 g! And a person on a diet should not consume more than 1000-1500 kcal per day. Therefore, unfolding the next candy, it is easy to almost imperceptibly exceed the permissible norm.

Excess calories are a well-known, but not the only, danger of sugar. Simple carbohydrates interfere with natural hunger control mechanisms, causing a person to overeat. The fact is that the sugar entering the body increases the content of ghrelin, a hormone that enhances appetite, and reduces the level of its antagonist, leptin, which reduces appetite. This is what causes a problem that is familiar to many: after eating one candy, you want both the second and the third.

To avoid the stress of dieting and to lose those extra pounds as effectively as possible, nutritionists recommend following three simple rules.

Rule # 1. Do not limit yourself to food and do not starve

Oddly enough, but in order to lose weight, you need to eat more often than usual. Breaks in food should be no more than 2, 5-3 hours. With this diet (5-6 meals a day), the required energy is supplied regularly (albeit with a slight deficit). Therefore, after a few weeks, the metabolism will be rebuilt, and fats will begin to be burned.

Fasting, which is often a prerequisite for a diet, is the opposite. The body feels that food is interrupted, so it is necessary to think about the "black day". The hormonal profile and metabolism change. As a result, fats begin to be stored in reserve. This means that you lose weight only for the first week due to the excretion of intracellular fluid, and then the arrow of the scales practically stands in the same place.

What tasty treats won't you get better from?
What tasty treats won't you get better from?

Rule # 2. Eat fiber daily

Fiber, that is, plant fiber, belongs to complex carbohydrates. They are slowly absorbed from the intestines, maintaining the required glucose level for 3-4 hours, i.e. there are no sharp fluctuations in sugar levels leading to hunger. In the process of dealing with extra pounds, fiber must be consumed daily at least 30 g per day. Coarse fiber can be found in abundance in bran, fresh vegetables and herbs, unpolished rice, buckwheat, legumes, and cereals.

What tasty treats won't you get better from?
What tasty treats won't you get better from?

Rule # 3. Allow yourself healthy sweets

Sugar-free jams, apple desserts and low-calorie syrups from the Russian company Ivan-Pole are ideal sweets for those looking to lose weight. They contain only the benefits of natural fruits and not an ounce of added sugar. The sweetness of these products is provided by a natural sweetener - erythritol.

Erythritol - a sweetener of natural origin, which replaced synthetic sweeteners and is completely devoid of the disadvantages of the latter. Erythritol has several important benefits, this natural sweetener:

  • in terms of sweetness, it is as close as possible to sucrose (60-70%);
  • has a pleasant aftertaste;
  • resistant to high temperatures, which means it can be used in cooking;
  • approved at the national (USA, Japan, RF, etc.) and international (WHO / FAO Nutrition Committee) level as a sugar substitute of the highest safety.

It is especially important that erythritol does not increase reflex sugar cravings. In addition, this sweetener does not increase the production of insulin, so there is no critical decrease in blood glucose levels, which the body perceives as stress. Therefore, with the next intake of carbohydrates, the body will not save them in the form of fatty deposits on various parts of the body in case of another sugar starvation.

What tasty treats won't you get better from?
What tasty treats won't you get better from?

Energy and nutritional value of products "Ivan-field" is determined by the fruits and natural thickener - pectin (total 24-40 kcal / 100 g of finished product). Modern processing of raw materials (heating and cooling, evaporation and freezing) preserves vitamins and minerals, pectin and vegetable fiber in desserts, which slows down the digestion of food and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Ivan-Pole is not only a low-calorie dessert, but also a healthy dessert for your health. These sweets are allowed even during the period of strict diets.

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