"Milk? With pleasure!": Win prizes from the company "A2 milk"
"Milk? With pleasure!": Win prizes from the company "A2 milk"

EVA. RU and the Russian company A2 Milk present a new competition. Answer 10 questions and win a yogurt maker, blender or kitchen scale. Find out more about tasty and healthy A2 milk, which is better absorbed and can even solve the problem of intolerance to dairy products. Become one of three winners!


Have you ever wondered why only a few can fully enjoy natural dairy products without the unpleasant consequences and discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract? It turns out that more than 50% of people in the world suffer from milk intolerance to varying degrees!

Scientists have figured out the reason not so long ago: different cows give milk with different types of protein - A1 and A2. The second type is absorbed by the body much easier. In Russia, the A2 dairy product category is represented by A2 Milk. The A2 Milk market expert constantly tests cows, establishes cooperation with farmers, works with the medical community of our country and proudly guarantees: exceptionally pure A2 milk without A1 impurities is bottled in their bottles. Today "A2 Milk" invites you to find out even more useful facts about the A2 category.

Answer 10 questions and win a yogurt maker, blender or kitchen scale. Send your answers by February 23 by mail [email protected] with an indication of the nickname and a link to the passport on Eve.


Why does fresh milk turn sour during a thunderstorm (and regardless of where it is stored)?

  • a) Milk, like people who feel the change of weather, is affected by long-wave electromagnetic pulses
  • b) Due to the high moisture content, lactobacilli in milk multiply much faster
  • c) Scientists do not know the exact answer, both versions may be correct, there are many more hypotheses
  • Probiotics, which are primarily found in …

  • a) Meat and fish
  • b) Pasteurized milk
  • c) Fermented milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt)
  • How does A2 protein milk affect the body?

  • a) Milk A2 is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with milk protein allergies
  • b) A2 dairy products are more nutritious and contain almost 2 times more calcium
  • c) A2 is more easily absorbed than A1, promotes the production of the natural antioxidant glutathione and eliminates unpleasant consequences in case of intolerance to ordinary milk by the body
  • How did people protect milk from souring before refrigerators and pasteurization appeared?

  • a) Frogs were put into milk, thanks to their mucus, bacteria did not multiply in it
  • b) Milk was never protected from souring, but they immediately prepared yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese from it
  • c) Cold well water was added to the milk
  • Dairy and fermented milk products are indispensable in the treatment of dysbiosis. What is the principle of their action?

  • a) Fermented milk products gently envelop the intestinal wall and soothe it
  • b) Fermented milk products act as antioxidants and disinfect harmful bacteria in the microflora
  • c) Fresh kefir, milk, whey, yogurt, cottage cheese, koumiss, etc. products contribute to the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • What determines the A2 protein content in cow's milk?

  • a) From the age of the cow: A2 protein is generated only in the milk of young cows
  • b) Immediately from several factors: the genotype of the individual, its health and diet
  • c) From cow genes only
  • Why do people working in hazardous industries still receive milk for free?

  • a) These are relics of secular times: before, milk was more difficult to buy in stores, and it was given to workers as a raise to their wages
  • b) These are preventive measures: cow's milk proteins have the ability to bind toxins
  • c) It's just a tradition: at first they started doing this at a dairy factory, then the tradition was taken over by other industries
  • How many liters of milk are there on average in a cow's udder?

  • a) 20-30 l
  • b) 10-15 l
  • c) Not more than 20 l
  • Which country was the first to produce milk and dairy products A2?

  • a) In New Zealand
  • b) In Australia
  • c) In the UK
  • What is the recommended annual consumption of milk (if you count all dairy and fermented milk products in milk)?

  • a) 200 kg
  • b) 390 kg
  • c) 105 kg
  • How does A2 milk differ from A1 milk?

  • a) A2 contains 2 times more protein
  • b) During the digestion of A1 milk, a fragment of beta-casomorphin-7 is released, which can negatively affect the body. When digesting milk A2 - no
  • c) A2 is natural milk, while A1 is a modified product
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