10 habits to help you lose weight
10 habits to help you lose weight

The British obesity charity Weight Concern has compiled a list of 10 good habits you need to lose weight and stay on track. Almost all of the advice that the organization gives is primarily related to nutrition, because it is believed that 80% of success lies in it.

10 habits to help you lose weight
10 habits to help you lose weight

We all know that habit is the key to consistency. So a person with obesity, as a rule, has a lot of habits, many of which get in the way between him and the desire for health. British charity organization Weight Concern believes that in order to lose weight, you need to get rid of old habits and replace them with new, useful ones. She has published a list of 10 effective weight loss habits that are best introduced into your life.

1. Consistency in nutrition.

Try to eat at about the same time every day. People who have achieved success in losing weight and were able to maintain a new weight, as a rule, eat this way. The very fact of "routine" eating at the same time has a positive effect on weight loss.

2. Choose healthy fats.

Many people who lose weight are trying to give up fat altogether, but in no case should this be done - the body really needs them, even if you think that you have enough of your own fat. You just need to pay attention to healthy fats, getting them from nuts, avocados, buttery fish instead of fast food.

10 habits to help you lose weight
10 habits to help you lose weight

3. Walk as much as possible.

Nutritionists advise taking at least 10,000 steps a day. Don't use lifts, get off the bus at a bus stop early, or park further away to lose weight.

4. Choose healthy snacks.

If you need to grab a mid-day snack, not only do it at the same time, but also choose a healthy alternative to your usual chips, cookies, or chocolate bars. Fruit can be a good substitute.

5. Check labels.

Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the food you buy, and also pay attention to the amount of fat, sugar, salt and, of course, calorie content - sometimes we do not even suspect how many calories are in our usual food.

6. Watch your portion sizes.

To eat less without experiencing mental discomfort, use smaller plates. So a modest portion of food will not look too lonely on the plate, moreover, you will not be able to put too much.

7. Sit as little as possible.

Sitting too much is harmful. Moreover, scientists have found a pattern between the time a person spends sitting and his weight. And this is regardless of any other loads. If you work in an office, try to improve the opportunity to stand at least occasionally.

10 habits to help you lose weight
10 habits to help you lose weight

8. Drinks.

We often drink sodas, juices or flavored coffee and do not even count them as food, but there are tons of calories. Choose water, it is not only calorie-free, but also very healthy.

9. Focus on food.

Don't eat while running. When it's time to eat, sit quietly and concentrate on what you are eating. The internal processes that regulate satiety are much less effective if we are constantly distracted. Moreover, this habit will relieve you of the desire to chew something for fun when you are not really hungry at all.

10. Eat enough vegetables.

Consuming enough vegetables will not only help you lose weight but also improve your overall health. They contain a lot of useful substances and at the same time a minimum of calories. It doesn't matter if the vegetables are frozen - you will still get a lot of benefits from them.

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