5 morning habits that will never make you lose weight
5 morning habits that will never make you lose weight

What to eat to lose weight, you think every morning and drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice. But in vain. Because it is this cup that prevents you from shrinking by a couple of sizes. However, not only him, there are other morning habits that interfere with our harmony. The trainer, nutritionist, consultant of NL International Alexander Filimonov told us about them.

5 morning habits that will never make you lose weight
5 morning habits that will never make you lose weight

1. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

It is the harmless orange fresh juice that is fraught with the effect of a slow-motion bomb in the morning, which will manifest itself in the deposited fat on the sides. In addition to the beneficial vitamin C and fiber, our body receives a significant amount of natural sugar and fructose.

As a result, we load the body with simple carbohydrates, which are instantly used by the brain as a source of energy and nutrition, but short-term. Fructose does not accumulate in the muscles in the form of glycogen (the source of muscle energy), but the excess of this unused energy will necessarily go to the fat depot (deposits), and the positive effect of such a product will come to naught. Plus, high-calorie fruits will take up most of your daily calories in the morning, limiting your intake of more important nutrients.

In fact, in order for the energy to be long-lasting, and the calories consumed not to be empty, it is necessary to include complex carbohydrates in the diet - oatmeal and buckwheat, which will also serve as a building material for our muscles.

5 Morning Habits That Will Never Lose Weight /></p>
<p> Nutritionist Alexander Filimonov 2. A spoonful of honey with water on an empty stomach </p></p>
<p> Another myth, inspired by the many years of experience of "experts" in weight loss. The beneficial properties of honey today are very dubious and controversial, but those empty calories are quite real. As in the situation with juice, we load our digestive tract in the morning with simple carbohydrates. Water with honey dissolved in it is no longer useful, unlike simple pure water, which starts the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and affects the rest of the most important functions of the body. Honey in porridge does not increase the healthiness of breakfast, but it inevitably adds calories to food. </p></p>
<p> 3. Muesli, cereals and quick breakfasts that promise to lose those extra pounds </p></p>
<p> Here you should pay attention to the composition of the product. We will definitely meet everyone's favorite sugar. Why is it needed? Both muesli and flakes are necessary products, they contain fiber and trace elements, but, alas, they are not very tasty, insipid. And with sugar, this is a completely different taste, more familiar and pleasant, but affecting the waist. In addition, adding milk to such a product increases the calorie content of breakfast (not to mention the contained lactose, which is not absorbed by most people). </p></p>
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5 morning habits that will never make you lose weight

4. Yogurt, rich in protein and improving digestion

We act according to a proven scheme: we look at the composition of the product. In 90% of cases, sugar will be indicated on the wrapper. 100 g of product contains from 2.5 g to 5 g of protein (if you're lucky). The same boiled eggs contain about 13 g of protein and zero carbohydrates. The choice is obvious. Well, for better digestion, it is better to choose prebiotics, since the usefulness of those in yogurt is negligible. The bottom line is, as before: eating yogurt in the morning saturates the body with useless calories and spoils the figure. Choose natural, sugar-free yoghurts, no fillers, and be sure to include complex carbohydrates and digestible proteins in your morning meal.

5 утренних привычек, из-за которых вы никогда не похудеете
5 утренних привычек, из-за которых вы никогда не похудеете

[email protected] 5. привычка не есть по утрам, чтобы скорее похудеть

и здесь кроется фатальная ошибка. если с утра калорий не поступает, организм неизбежно начинает заниматься самоедством, запускается процесс катаболизма - расщепление собственных аминокислот, строительного материала мышц и внутренних органов. следующий прием пищи не восполнит этот баланс белка, так как пропущенный завтрак воспринимается организмом как стресс, соответственно, все последующие калории/пища будет откладываться в жировое депо, чтобы запастись потенциальной энергией про запас. простая схема: не едим - значит, толстеем! подкрепляется это все гормоном стресса, кортизолом, который в том числе препятствует процессу жиросжигания, из-за нарушений режима питания.

следует помнить одно простое правило: завтрак должен быть полноценным, богатым клетчаткой и белком, и тогда вы обретете не только легкость и энергию на весь день, но и сформируете фигуру мечты, не накапливая лишние килограммы в виде жира!

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