Dana Borisova became a nutritionist
Dana Borisova became a nutritionist

The personal life of the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova for the past few years has been a complete mess for her and those around her, therefore, the appearance of the blonde has undergone many all kinds of changes during this time. However, now Dana is on a stable section of her life, she managed to lose weight, which was immediately noticed by her fans on social networks. The girl was bombarded with questions about her method of losing weight, and Dana willingly shares her tricks, and also plans to answer all subscribers personally.

Dana Borisova became a nutritionist
Dana Borisova became a nutritionist

On her Instagram page, Dana briefly laid out the basic principles of nutrition and daily routine that helped her lose weight. The 40-year-old TV presenter promised that she would answer personally to every subscriber who asked her about her nutritional secrets. There are hundreds of requests for experience in the comments on Dana's page. Here are some short rules from Dana Borisova:

1. Since, first of all, I cook for Polinka and feed her, then I myself most often finish what she did not finish)) this is how the habit of eating often, but very little, appeared. I eat 6-8 times a day, but in portions with a palm.

2. I don’t salt. Nothing at all.
3. No rolls, macaros, even super-healthy Italian pasta. These are the most high-calorie foods that immediately "stick" to the tummy and barrels.

3. No soda, not even mineral water.

4. Our main diet with Fields is poultry meat, salads, cereals.

5. Thanks to my daughter, I get up very early (at 6 am) to get her to school and go to bed very early! And this saves me from leftovers at night! The earlier I went to bed, the less I ate.

6. 3 times a week, swimming. I don’t go to fitness rooms, I don’t pull weights, as it is now fashionable. I love myself more when I am a little girl and the pool helps me with this.

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