The role of the closet in personal life
The role of the closet in personal life

You have moved in and are fully prepared for the fact that now you will have everything in common. But if the nearby slippers and joint dinners under a cozy lampshade - this is one side of the coin, then there is the second: the battle for a place in the closet, the queue for the shower and similar trifles.

The role of the closet in personal life
The role of the closet in personal life

From the outside, it seems that such insignificant details cannot affect the strength of love, but, according to statistics, because of such "trifles" in Russia, 30% of marriages break up. Conclusion - if you want to live happily ever after, you will have to learn to negotiate. Stacey London, TLC host of Love, Desire, Escape, who helps women to look at themselves from the outside and change from hair roots to fingertips, believes that organizing a place in a wardrobe, especially a joint one, is a sacred duty of any woman.

Discord hangers

Girls who confidently tamp the clothes of their beloved in the corners have a set of arguments in favor of why the wardrobe should serve them and only them. First, it's the classic "Because I'm a girl." Nobody knows what exactly is behind this phrase, but, presumably, a whole range of inferences, ranging from "I can be offended" and ending with "Boys should give in." The second, even more ironclad argument - "Because I have more clothes, and they are expensive, and your jeans can lie on the chair." But they cannot, because from now on there is no longer “you” and “him” - there is “you”, and if the relationship is more important to you than your own ego, then you will have to look for a compromise solution.

Yes, girls a priori should be more beautiful - this is an obvious fact, because while at matinees they had to flaunt in costumes of snowflakes, princesses and fairy-tale fairies, the boys got the role of a knight in a cloak from a sheet and tights collected with an accordion. But we have all grown up since then, and now skirmishes due to lack of space in the closet are nothing more than the conquest of territory and your rights, which is unacceptable if you want to connect with a loved one all your life.

Nothing extra

Suppose that you become the owners of a one-room apartment (even if it is removable), where it is physically impossible to place a large wardrobe or to allocate space for a separate dressing room, and all that you own is a small space where you can squeeze a regular closet. In this case, the first thing to do is to revise the clothes in order to save as much space as possible for those things that are really needed.

To begin with, give yourself your word to act dispassionately, otherwise the new wardrobe will end up with those things that do not belong there at all (according to statistics, women rarely wear more than 20% of what hangs in the closet). Objectively speaking, everyone has clothes that are too good to be thrown away, but have long gone out of fashion or simply not liked. Do not be too lazy to put it in a separate bag and then take it to a charitable organization, or, at worst, to a second-hand. In the same way, it is worth doing with those things that you have not worn for over a year and do not plan to change it.

For the convenience of sorting, it is better to arrange things on the sofa so that you have the opportunity to see them well and mercilessly arrange them in piles, leaving in priority only what you will definitely wear in the near future. For example, it is better to remove seasonal clothes right away - just like a skirt “which does not fit yet”, a dress “there is no bag under it yet” and shorts “I'll pump up my legs and put on”. As a temporary shelter for clothes, you can use the well-known vacuum bags or special fabric boxes with zippers, which successfully slide under the bed until better times. In addition, if you buy furniture for an apartment, pay attention to beds with built-in drawers - underwear, T-shirts and other wrinkle-free things feel great in them. It is best to store your shoes in a separate locker or on a counter in the hallway.

A hanger for you, a hanger for me. Shelf for you, shelf for me

Since it so happened that there is only one cabinet, then the space in it should be divided equally so that no one would feel slighted. If you can't fit everything in one wardrobe, then you can buy a special hanger-bar: it is inexpensive, lightweight and can be disassembled in no time. You can also roll it around the room. You can also save space in the closet by hanging clothes in sets - 5 items of clothing can fit on multi-level hangers at once. By the way, jewelry, belts, gloves and scarves can be stored on the inside of the cabinet doors by placing a small hanger and hooks there.

Yes, at first all your clothes will hang separately from each other, but over time, the hangers will mix up and it will not be easy to find your skirt among the business suits of a young man. Hangers in contrasting colors will help to avoid this problem: one, for example, will get white, the other - black, and it will be much easier to navigate. For the same purposes, you can make a backlight in the closet, especially if the doors open outward and create a shadow.

If previously boxes for storing things were not very common, then recently their popularity is gaining momentum. “Even if a woman doesn’t have enough space, it’s useless to dissuade her from buying things, and in this case, the most reasonable way out is to wash the clothes and put them in the drawers,” says Stacey. - I think this is a good move, besides, you can not only organize the storage of your favorite things, but also decorate the room - now a lot of designer boxes made of various materials are being sold. There is no point in trying to shove everything into a closet - since fashion became a means of self-expression, furniture designers have come up with a lot of ways to store clothes and accessories."

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