The right temperature for frying
The right temperature for frying

Frying is one of the most popular cooking methods in Russia. However, modern trends in healthy eating almost completely exclude fried foods from the diet. In this article, we will try to highlight the main points for organizing the right process of frying food to make it as healthy as possible.

The right temperature for frying
The right temperature for frying

Rule 1: fry over medium and low heat

In order to preserve most of the important trace elements in vegetables, to exclude the destruction of protein structures in meat and the release of carcinogens in oil, experts recommend cooking food over medium and low heat. For example, vegetables and potatoes are best cooked at temperatures up to 110C, fish, meat - up to 150C, and frying pancakes - up to 180-200C. With this regime, the food acquires its best taste.

Rule 2: frying temperature for maximum protein health is 70-80C

Meat is very sensitive to temperature: when heat treated above 40C, the protein begins to shrink and push out moisture. After heating above 70C, the quality of the protein begins to deteriorate irrevocably, it becomes tougher and drier, and the cellular structure is destroyed. The DNA protein, torn under the influence of high temperatures, leads to the fact that the human body cannot fully assimilate the necessary protein. From the point of view of safety, according to the main culinary rules for cooking meat, the following temperature regimes are distinguished: poultry meat should reach 70C, pork 60C, beef, veal and lamb - up to 150C.

Rule 3: the temperature of an ideal steak is 50-70C

The world's leading chefs know how to make meat steak as delicious as possible. It's all about choosing the right tenderloin and frying temperature:

• 50C - meat with blood (rare)

• 55С - light roast (medium-rare)

• 60C - medium rare

• 65C - fried, but still with clear juice (medium well)

• 70C - overcooked (well done)

Rule 4: add a minimum of oil when frying

Modern non-stick pans allow you to cook with little to no oil. It is enough just to grease the inner surface of the pan with a brush. Thus, excess calories are reduced and food becomes healthier.

Rule 5: avoid heavy browning

The optimal condition of fried food is light golden crust and juiciness on the inside. This effect can be achieved precisely when frying at low temperatures. In addition, when food is deeply fried in the dark fried crust of food, carcinogens are formed, which, among other things, can lead to dangerous diseases.

Rule 6: as soon as the food is no longer raw - stop frying

There is a common misconception that the longer we fry, the tastier and healthier the food becomes. This is absolutely not the case! With prolonged heat treatment, meat, fish lose moisture and taste. Have you ever been disappointed when instead of juicy and tender fish, for some reason, it turned out to be "rubber"? This is precisely due to the long heat treatment. Therefore, in order to properly fry fish or meat, it is enough to follow the main rule: as soon as the food is no longer raw, it is time to stop cooking.

Fry tasty and right!

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