Crisis 3 years in children. What should parents do?
Crisis 3 years in children. What should parents do?

Stubbornness, protests, tantrums and self-will are frequent manifestations of a 3-year-old crisis in children. Yesterday, sweet and obedient, the baby suddenly turns into a tyrant, throwing tantrums for any reason. How should parents react and what should they do? …

Crisis 3 years in children. What should parents do?
Crisis 3 years in children. What should parents do?

What should parents do if the child is behaving defiantly? First of all, you should not focus on the child's bad behavior, much less try to break him. It will not lead to anything good. But it is also impossible to go to the other extreme - permissiveness. The child should not decide that hysteria is a sure way to get things done. The wisest thing that parents can do in this situation is to distract the child, to turn his attention to something else.

For example, offer him to read his favorite book or play a game together. Of course, if the child has already reached the peak of the tantrum, it won't work. In this case, you just need to wait out the attack of childish anger. If you are at home, firmly tell your child that you will talk to him when he cools down and go about your business. Stay calm, no matter how difficult it is. After that, explain to the child that you love him very much, but he will not achieve anything by whims.

If the tantrum happened on the street or in a store (and children like to work for the public), deprive the child of spectators if possible. To do this, you can simply transfer the child to a less crowded place.

Try to avoid situations where the child might say no. Do not give him direct instructions: “Get dressed, we’ll go for a walk now,” but create the illusion of choice: “Do you want to take a walk in the yard or in the park?”, “Are we going to play in the sandbox or go up the hill?”. …

Crisis 3 years in children. What should parents do?
Crisis 3 years in children. What should parents do?

Author: Drina

A 3-year-old crisis in children is a serious test for parents, but a child at this time has even harder time. He does not understand what is happening to him and is unable to control his behavior. And he needs your support. Do not forget to praise the kids for good behavior and encourage independence “Katyusha is great! Little kids do not know how to clean up their toys, but Katyusha can,”tell your grandmother or dad who came home from work:“Today Katyusha is so clever - she went to bed during the day”.

This will help build a positive self-image in the child. The reaction of parents to the whims of a child in a 3-year-old crisis is a very important question.

Of course, the stubbornness of the beloved child upsets the parents, testing their nerves for strength.

The three-year-old persistently checks the boundaries of what is permitted, and if you give slack somewhere or, on the contrary, behave too harshly, in response you will receive an inadequate reaction to a seemingly simple request. Therefore, be calm in any situation and even if it is very difficult - keep yourself in control. After all, a 3-year-old child's crisis is not at all a manifestation of harmfulness or negative heredity, but a natural need to test oneself, to consolidate a sense of willpower and self-importance.

This is a life stage, without which the formation of the child's personality is impossible. The crisis of three years in children just needs to wait out like a storm, survive like an earthquake and endure it like a disease.

Therefore, your motto for this year is patience, patience and patience! …

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