25 slimming rules every woman should know
25 slimming rules every woman should know

All slender women have something in common. They follow specific daily routines to help them stay slim and healthy. The latter is important, because a smart business can be obtained without exhausting hunger diets. This will help with proper nutrition and physical activity. This is the only way to stay beautiful and maintain a good mood.

25 slimming rules every woman should know
25 slimming rules every woman should know

We offer you 25 effective rules that you must definitely take into account if you want to achieve the body of your dreams.

1. Don't harass yourself

Don't torment your body with exhausting diets. The only effective way to lose weight permanently is through sports and healthy eating. At the same time, do not forget that sometimes, as a psychological relief, you can pamper yourself with a chocolate bar or a small slice of pizza. Moderation is essential.

2. Know how to stop in time

If you feel full, then you should put aside the plate and not finish the portion to the end. To do this, you need to chew food well and take your time at the table. So the stomach has time to send signals to the brain that you are already full. This rule will help to avoid not only excess calories, but also heaviness in the stomach.

3. Lean on vegetables

Half of your plate should be vegetables. Greens are considered the most useful, but you can choose absolutely any. It is a rich source of vitamins and fiber.

4. Choose small portions

Go to a restaurant without being too hungry. So you will not only save your budget, because there will be no need to order a large number of dishes, but you will also remain slim. Choose small meals that are filling.

5. Remember your weaknesses

Each of us has our own gastronomic weaknesses. If you want to pamper yourself with chips or chocolate pills, then opt for a smaller package.

6. Leave a quarter serving for your husband

If you are dining in a restaurant, remember that local cuisine tends to be high in oil, salt and sugar. Want to stay slim? Don't hesitate to share a quarter serving with your husband or kids.

7. Give up the bread basket

Avoid temptations and do not order a bread basket in a restaurant or cafe. It is unlikely that you will calm down until you have eaten everything. And not even hunger is to blame, but human psychology. If you really want bread, then ask them to bring one slice of whole grain.

8. Start your meal with soup or salad

Soups, especially vegetable soups, and salads are classified as light meals. Lean mostly on them. Perhaps you are not so hungry, and you will not have enough for the main course. So much the better, because you will not overload your body with extra calories.

9. Drink plenty of water

This rule is perhaps one of the most important. A person should drink 1.5–2 liters of liquid a day. It is better if it is pure drinking water. Dehydration is the cause of many health problems and disrupts the body's metabolic processes. Water, in turn, removes toxins and toxins and has a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system.

10. Distribute calories rationally

It is most useful for a figure and health to adhere to a fractional diet. This means spreading your daily calories across 5-6 equal meals throughout the day. This way you won't overeat and get all the energy and nutrients you need.

11. Don't eat in front of the TV

Nutritionists warn that moving food out of the kitchen is dangerous for the figure. You should not eat in front of the TV, as often for this we choose not entirely healthy food and eat more while watching an exciting program.

12. Choose healthy snacks

Vegetable sticks, nuts, natural yoghurt, dried fruits - opt only for healthy snacks. But it is better to exclude granola bars from the diet, despite the fact that they are convenient and compact. Such a snack deceives the body and provokes hunger.

25 slimming rules every woman should know
25 slimming rules every woman should know

13. Snack Before Party

If you are planning a fun party with friends in the evening, then it is better to have a snack in advance. Eat a handful of nuts or natural yogurt. So you won't get carried away with high-calorie snacks on site. In addition, if alcoholic cocktails are planned in the program, this will help to avoid rapid intoxication.

14. Don't choose high-calorie drinks

Lean on clean drinking water. But it's better to forget about fruit juice packaged and sweet soda. The former contain too much sugar. And in the composition of sweet soda there are artificial sweeteners that only increase appetite and awaken the feeling of hunger.

15. Include whole grains in your diet

Eliminate premium flour products from your diet. When processed, it loses all beneficial properties and consists only of simple carbohydrates, which provide only empty calories and a feeling of short-term satiety. Whole grains are healthier and more nutritious.

16. Don't eat after dinner

After dinner, you should no longer go to the kitchen. Calories are energy. You don't need it at all before bed. The body must rest, not digest food. If hunger haunts, then eat a green apple, drink a glass of water or kefir.

17. Move more

Movement is life. This rule is especially true for those who want to lose weight or keep themselves in good shape. Move and walk more. At work, do not sit for a long time in one place and do exercises.

18. Go in for sports

Buy a gym membership. In order to keep in good shape, it is enough to visit it 3 times a week. Today there are a large number of very different group programs: strength training, dancing, yoga. Everyone will find something to their liking.

19. Be a vegetarian sometimes

Give your body a break from animal proteins once a week. Let it be a kind of fasting day. These breaks are very beneficial for maintaining a lean figure.

20. Try to avoid "light snacks" instead of dinner.

Sometimes it turns out that a snack contains even more calories than a full healthy dinner. Choose vegetables and protein for your evening meal. They do not burden the stomach and contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

21. Don't skip breakfast

Doctors and nutritionists agree that the morning meal is the most important. In no case should you miss it. It is scientifically proven that those who have a hearty and healthy breakfast manage their appetite and not overeat during the day. Moreover, breakfast is directly responsible for the morning charge of vigor and good mood.

22. Forget the phrase "I'll just try a little bit"

It is usually followed by an almost complete meal. However, the menu often contains some not-so-healthy product, rather than a balanced lunch. Do not create unnecessary temptations for yourself with your own hands.

23. Do not eat from the packaging

This will make it difficult for you to control portion sizes. Packed snacks such as chips, nuts, dried fruits, place in a bowl. If you see how much you have eaten, then do not allow too much.

24. Don't ask for supplements

If you have already finished with lunch or dinner, but do not feel full yet, do not rush to take a supplement. Give your stomach time to signal to your brain that you've had enough.

25. Beware of artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners cause excess calories, swelling and increased appetite. It is better to exclude from your diet and control the amount of sugar entering the body. If you cannot live without sweets at all, then replace granulated sugar with honey.

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