Slimness at any age? With Modelform it's real now
Slimness at any age? With Modelform it's real now

Every woman dreams of being slim and having an attractive figure. Alas, one “want” in this difficult matter is not enough. It is very important not only to apply your own strength and efforts, for example, to control your diet or to devote time to physical activity, but also not to forget about special assistants, thanks to which extra pounds and fat deposits will disappear more intensively.

Slimness at any age? With Modelform now it's real!
Slimness at any age? With Modelform now it's real!

The underlying causes of weight gain, such as slow metabolic rate, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, stress, or poor diet, require adjustment and intervention. The female body is changeable, and the reasons for gaining weight at 18, 30 or 40 years have their own nuances, which means that different approaches and methods of dealing with extra pounds are required, corresponding to a particular age period.

After a detailed study of these problems and biological features, experts of the German pharmaceutical company Farmaplant, together with Russian experts in weight loss - nutritionist Anna Belousova and fitness trainer Irina Turchinskaya, created a whole philosophy of Modelform "18/30/40" and effective means for three age categories (18 -29 years old, 30-39 years old and from 40 years old).

Each Modelform remedy, in addition to influencing the "classic" spectrum of reasons for gaining excess weight, such as increased appetite, impaired functional state of the gastrointestinal tract, and others, also targeting problem factors characteristic of a particular age period:

• Modelform 18+ was developed taking into account the characteristics of a young age - improper diet, abuse of flour and sweets, impaired digestive processes.

• For the category of women from 30 to 39 years old, the developers of the Modelform 30+ tool provided that weight gain and difficulties with losing weight occur due to the accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body.

• Women after 40 years have, in addition to slagging of the body, also a violation of the hormonal background. It is this feature that was taken into account when selecting the composition of the Modelform 40+ tool.

Means of Modelform have only natural ingredients in their unique composition. They are very convenient - you only need to take 1 capsule of Modelform 1 time per day with breakfast with a glass of water.

Well-known nutritionist Anna Belousova and fitness expert Irina Turchinskaya have developed nutrition and training programs for effective weight loss "3 Ages", you can learn more about them on the website in the "Strengthen the result" section.

Weight loss experts highly appreciate the effectiveness of Modelform's selective approach to solving the problem of excess weight. Already thousands of women of different ages have made their choice in favor of these particular funds. We also offer you to join the ranks of those who are losing weight and appreciate the philosophy of harmony of Modelforms!

Slimness at any age? With Modelform now it's real!
Slimness at any age? With Modelform now it's real!

“Dear ladies!

The female body is complex and sensitive. He undergoes many hormonal and metabolic changes during the monthly cycle and at different age periods. Unfortunately, some of these changes can lead to gaining extra pounds. However, this is not a reason to give up.

Now you have a loyal ally and helper - Modelform, with its 18/30/40 philosophy, following which the composition of each Modelform weight loss product and the "AGE 3" nutrition system have been developed. We have studied the effect of many natural ingredients on weight change and evaluated the effectiveness of their use at different age periods.

We have done a great job to ensure that you have the opportunity to be slim at any age.

I wish you to be healthy, beautiful and loved always!"

Anna Belousova, nutritionist

Slimness at any age? With Modelform now it's real!
Slimness at any age? With Modelform now it's real!

“Dear girls!

Each of us wants to be the owner of a slim figure and attractive shapes. Many people mistakenly believe that this requires exhausting yourself with rigid diets or hours of training. Today we are challenging these stereotypes. MODELFORM - means for weight loss and shape modeling, as well as the philosophy of "18/30/40" will help you to make your dreams of slimness come true. You can achieve impressive results by using MODELFORM in conjunction with nutritional advice and the AGES 3 exercise system.

Simple and enjoyable exercise is not only good for the body, but also indispensable for psychological comfort. And this is a very important factor if you want to lose weight or correct your figure.

Believe me, modeling your silhouette and shape is real and easy at any age!"

Irina Turchinskaya, fitness specialist

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