Man on a Diet - September 1 - Let's Begin
Man on a Diet - September 1 - Let's Begin

So it is September 1 …

We are starting the second phase of our diet on our way to competition. This phase will last a month. The diet will be tightened in October.

Man on a Diet - September 1 - Let's Begin!
Man on a Diet - September 1 - Let's Begin!

In the first phase, we have already given up some foods, namely sugar, well, at least white sugar. We still allow honey, cane sugar and fructose.

Lactose - milk sugar - we have excluded, well, or severely limited. They gave up milk and cream altogether. Only fermented milk in the form of kefir and Greek yogurt is allowed. No fat-free options. Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium, and it is fat-soluble.

We need calcium, potassium and magnesium, they are simply necessary, for the prevention of seizures.

Now serious training will begin on the legs, and cramps are almost inevitable.

We also gave up bread, mushrooms, chocolate and potatoes. Heat-treated root vegetables - in other words, boiled carrots and beets, the glycemic index of which is close to that of a potato - are also prohibited. Lamb and eggplant - as much as we love them - too. Eggplant - from our experience - the most aggressive of the nightshade family. Draws water very strongly. As well as lamb. Delicious, but very fatty.

We also practically gave up coffee. Tea, as our experience shows, is much more comfortable for the kidneys. We love tea. We drink freshly brewed for breakfast. Breakfast is green or black. I prefer green tea to carbohydrate breakfast, black tea to fatty one. I drain the re-brew and make icy out of it for tomorrow. That is, I dilute this brew in half with strongly carbonated water, there are 12 sweetener tablets and the juice of one lemon for 2 liters. Sometimes in the evening, depending on my mood, I can brew an oolong.

So, early in the morning, after brushing your teeth, on an empty stomach fruit.

Today it is a banana, an apple, a red grapefruit - while you can - and two plums. That much isn't necessary. In theory, one apple or grapefruit is enough. But Sanka is very fond of fruits and this is practically the only moment in a day when fruits can not be limited, if, of course, the state of the gastrointestinal tract allows.

Then, after 20 minutes, breakfast:

150g granola (granola with seeds and dried berries) soaked in orange juice

150g "homemade" cottage cheese with honey

a cup of green tea

2 rice biscuits, spread with honey.

While the diet is still gentle and there is no need to pump up protein, lunch and afternoon tea will be light, 6 rice biscuits each with apricot confiture on fructose. That is, like a sandwich, two biscuits are glued together with confiture. And it is convenient to take with you and it is convenient to eat in any conditions.

For lunch, I made a tortilla yesterday, but instead of forbidden potatoes I used very allowed zucchini.

Zucchini toltilla

I needed - for 1, 5 portions, that is, lunch once and a snack once the next day.

- a piece of a large overgrown zucchini, 600 grams - that is, after removing the seeds, the resulting volume approximately corresponds to the volume of 4 medium potatoes; cut into slices of 5-6mm

- 160g can of tuna in olive oil - this is optional, adds flavor, but you can also remove

- large onion

- a couple of garlic cloves

- 6 eggs

- a tablespoon of privateers

- so-pe, oregano, cayenne pepper

The preparation of this tortilla is not much different from the preparation of potato, except that the zucchini were not fried in oil, but very briefly baked in a hot grill pan.

Onions and garlic are fried in tuna oil, all the ingredients are mixed and poured into a bowl with an egg mixture. And only then all this is laid out on a preheated frying pan, poured with the rest of the tuna oil.

Everything is fried on both sides, cooled and cut into slices. In my case, this is 6 slices.

With some skill and dexterity, a very dense "pie" is obtained, which is convenient to eat with your hands.

4 wedges - lunch and 2 wedges - snack the next day.

For dinner, I had red fish and a large selection of vegetables, so I applied the long-tried recipe for fish in portioned papillotes. Fast, clean, familiar - that means you don't have to be creative on a well-known topic. (I already have this recipe in the news,)

A serving included about 250g of fish fillets, a couple of white asparagus, a handful of green pods, and a tomato for juiciness.

This time, I added a cup of whole grain rice to the fish. I cooked it more than I needed for dinner, so that I had enough for my husbands for my son and for lunch tomorrow …. But more on that tomorrow.

Man on a Diet - September 1 - Let's Begin!
Man on a Diet - September 1 - Let's Begin!

Dinner is considered incomplete unless there is something sweet. This is a standard 200 grams of Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen raspberries and / or blueberries and honey.

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