Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day
Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day

I promised you today to compensate for yesterday's lack of fish. Here, catch it.

Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day
Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day

Today is Saturday. So if we work, then for ourselves, our loved ones, for our birdhouse.

Sanka today is a garage for my car and his motorcycle. And this is done not so much for my car as for his motorcycle. He changed it this year, bought himself a more powerful toy. And for the winter it must be put under a roof. The old wooden "garage" was not suitable for this. Therefore, this year we are completing the construction of a stone "garage".

That is, the rise is as usual. Despite Saturday. We usually sleep on Sundays.

Fruit and breakfast as usual.

Grapefruit, banana, bald dog, plum. Now is the season of our favorite President plums.

They are delicious in food and in baked goods. The rind is rich in plum color, the flesh is firm, yellow-green.

For breakfast there was again granola with orange juice, rice biscuits with honey and honey.

By the way, I found a good granola, without added sugar, with pumpkin and sunflower seeds and almond petals, with dried blueberries and Canadian cranberries.

Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day
Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day

Then we scattered about our business. Sanka went to get the solution. And today I had a lot to redo. At first things are very important. One is at one end of the kingdom, the other is at the other. Then to the neighbors in the north of France for shopping.

I promised you fish. So now you have to go where the fish is good, fresh and the choice is large. Namely, in a large supermarket chain in the north of France. No, we have the whole kingdom here with a handkerchief, so the store is only 100 km away. As they say, 7 miles is not a hook for a mad dog.

For my absence, Sanka dined on yesterday's stuffed cabbage rolls. He's at home, with a microwave at his side. And he loves stuffed cabbage very much. Moreover, he can do these things. Well, and, of course, rice biscuits with jam and tea in between, during work, so to speak, pauses.

But for dinner we had "Tuna Trio".

In Lille, I found slices of smoked tuna, I found fresh tuna - well, VERY fresh and at the price of a third of what I pay here in my regular store.

I also bought bull's heart tomatoes, smoked chicken, low-fat cottage cheese in whey, and a lot of delicious cheese. And further. I found delicious Tunisian olive oil there. Delightful quality and very inexpensive. I bought something else there, but it will be tomorrow …

They gave me a bit too much tuna for two, so I made tartar from a part - I just chopped a drop of lemon juice, sea salt from the mill, freshly ground pepper, red onion, a teaspoon of privateers. Well, that very delicious olive oil. And on a plate, I combined tomatoes with smoked tuna, seasoned it all with a vinaigrette of red onion, white balsamic and olive oil, and next to it - tuna tartare. That is, it is already two times tuna.

Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day
Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day

But we have “Tuna Trio”.

So the third tuna will be just a tuna steak. And to it grilled vegetables.

Cut the peppers into wedges, so-pe, dried oregano and olive oil. And just on a baking sheet in the oven.

Zucchini is one of those overgrown neighbors. The slices are not very thin, marinated in the same way as peppers and just briefly, for 2 minutes on each side, fried in a grill pan.

I have already given the recipe for tuna sauce in one of the recipes. Since sauces thickened with flour are no longer possible, I came up with the idea of making a venigret with pink onions and breaking it with a blender until the sauce is even consistency. This sauce is actually for meat, but tuna is practically veal steak. So this sauce will also go to him.

Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day
Diet Man - September 5 - Tuna Day

By the way, so that the tuna is not dry, it must not be overcooked. It should be damp inside.

To do this, you do not need to fry it directly from the refrigerator, but let it warm up to room temperature on a plate for a couple of hours. And only then fry. But very shortly - 3-4 minutes on each side. If the steak is thinly sliced, the pan should be VERY hot. First, we heat the pan and only when it is hot - there is vegetable oil and immediately fish, you should not let the oil burn.

Well, before starting to cook - Saturday after all - I poured myself a glass of champagne. It's a sin not to open a bottle of good wine for such a soulful menu. Pink, Angevin. France is close by …

Why can't wine itself fit into the diet? Quality wine contains more than just alcohol and sugar. It contains, among other things, a lot of B vitamins and amino acids, promotes vasodilation - this is already a very important property at a certain age. But the most important thing is to use only high-quality and natural wines.

Such wine increases appetite and normalizes metabolism, promotes the secretion of bile, gastric juice and maintenance of normal stomach acidity, and hence the second benefit of wine - it promotes digestion and improves metabolism. And if the wine is red, then it is also

enhances the secretion of endocrine glands, improves sleep and slows down cell aging.

Well, and the most important condition for drinking wine is to definitely know when to stop. These are 2-3 glasses for a man and 1, 5-2 glasses for a woman. If anything, 6 glasses of wine come out of a standard 0.75 liter bottle.

So count it. A bottle for a dinner for two is the maximum.

I do not call anyone to drunkenness, I have always been for a meaningful enjoyment of the divine moisture, in the birth of which many generations of peasant winemakers have invested their labor, experience and knowledge. After all, a fruitful vine is the work of more than one year and more than one person. And the vine is not yet wine.

I think such work is worth respecting and treating it with reverence.

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