A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day
A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day

… for a diet anyway. Well, I mean, like a day off, you can relax …

But we just can't relax now.

And we, among other things, have a trip to visit for dinner today. This is for a dieting male heart a test in general for super-willpower.

A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day …
A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day …

But not for us. On the one hand, we go to visit my old school friend, who does not know how to cook and honestly admits it. Therefore, I can cook everything myself there without any problems. Friendship will be incredibly happy.

On the other hand, our dieting male heart is, in principle, squeamish to the point of paranoia, therefore, it is extremely rare that there is anything at a party. So, drink some water, well, eat a piece of meat from the grill. If a large company - he himself will stand up for the grill to be 100 percent sure that he will eat.

So, morning is like morning. We started it, we started it quite usually, with the usual set of fruits.

But for breakfast, I found something special. Well, everyone knows about popcorn. But rice is cooked in the same way, for example. And this is already "breakfast grains". Children love these things for breakfast with milk. There is a lot of sugar.

That is, it does not suit us. For myself, I found an alternative from spelled. No sugar, but honey. Bio products. Sanka was not inspired.

For him, I found buckwheat prepared in the same way. And not with sugar, and not even with honey, but with agave syrup. They make from a cactus. Sweeter than honey. Contains only very high concentration of fructose. It is considered a dietary product. Found by me among bio-products in a supermarket chain. Not cheap. But bearable.

In short, Sanka liked it in combination with Greek yogurt.

Then everything is as before - tea and rice biscuits.

Further training - well, where on Sunday without training…. Then lunch. Traditionally on Sunday it is eating up the leftovers. Sanka got the second half of the egg-fish-vegetable casserole and fresh tomato salad. Freshly prepared salad. True, the vinaigrette sauce was yesterday's.

A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day …
A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day …

But for dinner, as mentioned above, we are invited to my girlfriend.

Her kitchen is at my disposal. From me - food, from it - water. She interpreted it in her own way and chilled two bottles of champagne.

I brought with me from yesterday's purchases 2 dozen oysters and 2 kg of Norman mussels.

Everyone eats it. Everyone can do that. Everyone loves it. In our circle, anyway.

So, without further ado, we, under a sincere conversation, first persuaded oysters with lemon and pepper.

A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day …
A man on a diet - September 6 - Sunday, a VERY hard day …

And then the mussels were cooked for 10 minutes with celery, onions and my vegetable salt.

No sauces. No bread. Pure protein. In short, diet rules.

For sweets - cottage cheese, which is sold in whey, with fresh raspberries and blueberries and honey.

So today we also had an almost fishy day - and for lunch there was fish in the casserole and for dinner there was seafood.

But that is the problem of Sunday - it is very difficult to observe a strict regimen in terms of meals, and constantly all sorts of temptations to eat not what you can. To avoid these temptations is possible only by filling the refrigerator with only approved products.

But in the house there are also eaters who are not on a diet even once, and they can and need, for example, cheese. We still have deposits of "May cheese". This is a cheese made from milk, milked from cows, which for the first time after winter and feeding on hay came out on fresh grass. This cheese is seriously yellower and, for my taste, it is seriously richer in taste. Well, we like him. It goes on sale at the end of June, July. Stored until October. And we buy it just in industrial quantities.

Sanka, for example, did not wait for dinner and ate a piece of smoked chicken. I was only able to limit the amount of damage by giving him a limited amount.

And he was smart enough not to eat the skin, but to share it with the neighbor's dog. As you can imagine, the dog didn't mind at all.

That is, we replaced the morning snack with training, the evening snack was chicken.

But this was the last deviation. From tomorrow, another tightening of the nuts.

Now cheese is being canceled altogether - due to the high enough salt and fat content. If it is necessary to "bite" an evening glass of wine, we will resort to dried apricots. It will be available until the very competition.

All smoked meats are canceled - chicken, red fish, tuna. Grill is limited. There will be more steamer, wok and papillote baking. True, the breast from the chicken whose legs Sanka ate today, I will still process it into salads within the next couple of days. Well, do not waste the same good, by God.

These are the only additional restrictions so far, but it is with such small steps of restrictions that we get to our "System of 12 products".

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