Man on a Diet - September 7 - Finally Monday
Man on a Diet - September 7 - Finally Monday

Order again. Again, everything can be done automatically. At least a routine anyway.

Well, so at least it seems in the morning …

A man on a diet - September 7 - finally Monday …
A man on a diet - September 7 - finally Monday …

Morning as usual. Fruits - grapefruit, plum, apple, banana.

I bought short crooked bright yellow bananas in France since Saturday. They look delicious. I can't, and Sanka by the ears not to pull.

For breakfast, again, as usual, granola with orange juice. For puffed buckwheat, I don't have Greek yogurt. It ended. Sanka promised to stop by and buy after work.

Well, as usual, tea and rice biscuits with honey. He refused cottage cheese.

For lunch, I made him a whole-grain feather pasta salad with smoked chicken breast, small green pods, red salad peppers, and a dressing of red onion, lemon juice and olive oil.

Picturesque and soulful. I didn’t calculate the portion, so there was still the offspring left for a mobile lunch.

For now, snacks are made from rice biscuits with jam. The kids left for training before dinner, I was late. Before dinner, Sanka ate a can of tuna in olive oil and a couple of rice biscuits.

A man on a diet - September 7 - finally Monday …
A man on a diet - September 7 - finally Monday …

And for dinner, I made beef with vegetables in a wok. It was consumed with boiled rice.

Here I want to delve especially deeply, because cooking in a wok is, together with a double boiler and cooking in a papillote in the oven, three main types of cooking food for a diet in general and sports in particular. A sports diet is not a health restriction, so grilling is also possible, but the further towards the end of the diet, the less. Caramelization of the product and its possible subsequent carbonization - in other words, charring, and this is what happens during frying - interfere with drying.

That is, a wok is simply an irreplaceable thing for a diet. And here it is not so much important how to cook, but rather the fact that classic cooking in a wok involves very quick cooking, which means that not all types of meat and products are suitable for cooking in a wok.

And those that fit are just the most suitable for our diet. These are veal and beef tenderloin, chicken, turkey, shrimp. Possibly fish.

From vegetables - in principle, any vegetables. But here it is worth considering the time required to cook a particular vegetable. Potatoes, for example, are very poorly suited. Legumes require preliminary heat treatment. But any pods go perfectly. Carrots, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli, onions, salad peppers, zucchini are exactly what we need.

The second point - cooking in a wok involves very strong heating and very quick stirring of what is being prepared there. That is, this is what is called "stir fry".

This is how I do it. First, the main thing is to cut everything and prepare it for processing, because a wok is a quick matter and once you start to fry it, you will not be able to cut it.

I chop a piece of ginger root, a small onion (preferably a shallot) and a couple of garlic cloves very finely. That's really to a state of very small crumbs.

Meat - in my case, it's almost a tenderloin, that is, these are two compact muscles. 400g is enough for three. This is another advantage of wok - you don't need a lot of meat. If you just fry, then you need 200 grams of meat per serving. I cut the meat across the fibers into VERY thin slices. If not on a diet, they can be marinated in a mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce, rice oil and starch.

By the way, rice oil is the most suitable for cooking in a wok. Alternatives are peanut and corn. The former is not suitable for those who are allergic to peanuts, the latter is harsher for my taste.

Vegetables - I took pea pods - they are called sugar pods here, bean pods - in both pods there are more pods than peas and beans, the pods are still very young, so they are considered exactly as vegetables, and not as legumes.

I also took, of course, onions, red salad peppers - for beauty, and a lot of soybean shoots - my son loves them dearly.

The sequence of laying vegetables in a wok is also very important and depends, on the one hand, on the time required to prepare a particular product, on the other hand, on the degree of readiness of a particular product that you prefer.

We love all vegetables, hot and crispy, the so-called "al dente".

When everything is ready, sliced and lying side by side, I heat up the wok. Gas is best for working with a wok. Modern induction cookers are fine too, but the wok should be responsive to this cooker.

Vitro-ceramics and an electric stove are not suitable for this. Or rather they don't fit so well.

The wok must heat up very quickly and very strongly and respond quickly to the desire to change the heat.

When the wok is hot, I pour the rice oil into it and, gently turning the pan, make sure that the entire inner surface is in oil.

Then there finely chopped onion-garlic-ginger and literally 10-15 seconds later the meat.

We constantly stir quickly with a long spatula, long - because it is hot, with a spatula - because it should cover the inner surface well. The meat is cooked for about 5 minutes - as soon as it turns white and the juice starts to flow, I add my vegetable salt and chili pepper. I have it dried, you can fresh. I stir for another 5 minutes and only then add vegetables. First, onions and salad peppers, then the pods - small whole, large cut diagonally so that they are similar in size to small ones. All this against the background of very active mixing with a long paddle. At the very end, I add the soy shoots. Well, that's all.

Before starting to cook the meat, I set the rice to cook. That is, everything together took no more than 15 minutes.

By the way, the wok itself is very convenient for other things as well. This is essentially the same cauldron. Therefore, I make pilaf in my wok. In my case, only chicken. I make bolognese sauce, chili con carne, stew. But I don't use it for beef stroganoff.

We finished dinner as usual with cottage cheese with berries and honey.

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