Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound
Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound

Eh, this is not an easy matter, diet…. And the most difficult thing in this matter is to continue to diversify what is prepared from an ever-decreasing range of products ….

Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound
Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound

On the one hand, Monday is a very difficult day, but on the dietary side, it is just a return to a well-known routine, which makes life, if not easier, then more understandable.

Bananas have already been canceled. Grapefruits are only white. Apples are still possible, but preferably only green ones.

We increase c and structure the protein.

For breakfast, granola with orange juice, rice biscuits with blueberry jam and tea.

For a snack there were rice biscuits with a piece of curfilé fried yesterday.

I made a rice salad for lunch, but I forgot to take a picture. Sorry for the image quality - Sanka tried VERY hard.

So, rice, red fish in a double boiler, cucumber, young green peas from the freezer (I pour boiling water over it and in the microwave for 2 minutes) and red onion sauce. And frozen dill. Oh yes, a small piece of red sweet pepper to make it visually more appetizing.

I missed the portion again. It turned out to be one and a half portions, but the son was not upset even once and gladly took a box of such a salad to school for lunch.

Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound
Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound

The afternoon snack did not take place at all - Sanka was simply wrapped up.

Therefore, when I arrived home, I found a really hungry man in the house.

I had to keep a perimeter defense throughout the preparation of dinner.

There was chicken in the wok for dinner. This in the next 6 weeks will be very often on our table.

I have already covered the principles of cooking in a wok that I use in some detail.

Little is changing now.

A piece of ginger root, a clove of garlic, a small shallot - everything is very finely crumbled with a knife.

The chicken fillet is cut into thin slices. It is fresh, so it doesn't work very subtly.

Stick of celery. Green salad peppers and green pods.

First, heat the wok very much. While it heats up, set the basmati to cook. For two cups of boiling water, a cup of rice.

Meanwhile, the wok warmed up. Take rice oil there and twirl the wok so that all the walls are covered with oil.

In oil, ginger, garlic, shallot. Almost immediately chicken. Mix actively with a spatula.

When all the chicken turned white, there were vegetables. And we interfere, we interfere, we interfere.

There is also a spoonful of vegetable salt. And again we mix-mix-mix. When the rice is ready, then the chicken and vegetables will also be ready.

There at the very end of the gram 250 soybean shoots. And immediately remove the heating. And we interfere, we interfere, we interfere.

Well, that's all. It takes 12 minutes to cook. That is, not all vitamins had time to scatter from vegetables.

After Sanka will have a healthy workout, and such a dinner before workout - not very heavy, protein and low-fat - is the thing.

Green vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And these are catalysts for many biochemical processes in our body. Against the background of intense physical exertion, the occurrence of sickly seizures is completely normal. Especially in large muscles - legs, groin.

So, an increase in the assimilated magnesium helps to reduce the number of seizures that occur. And green vegetables - zucchini, broccoli, celery, leeks, kohlrabi, green bell peppers, green asparagus, green pods - really help to increase the chances of absorbing magnesium. That is, the increase in these products in the diet already creates conditions for the emergence of the possibility of increasing the assimilation of the desired microelements.

And if you convince a man of the need for these microelements to get rid of seizures - men - they are terribly afraid of pain, and agree to drink any pills, if only they do not twist it anymore, and make this dish acceptable for men by combining these products with MEAT - we we get the opportunity to feed this dish to any vegetable hater.

But seriously speaking, it is green vegetables and fruits that are recommended by all diets as the most useful.

The main thing - in my opinion - vegetables should not be brought to a mushy state.

Anyway, we love them hot, but slightly crispy. Basmati rice has absolutely incomparable aroma….

But this is again a distraction.

After dinner there was a traditional yogurt with blueberries and honey, but in a half version, and a cup of coffee.

Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound
Man on a Diet - September 14 - Conditions Compound

Then training. And after training, we have a limping ruin with a splitting head.

We give him 50 ml of whiskey and a can of tuna…. it is … tin in general. But it helps.

He immediately falls asleep on the couch and tomorrow like a piece of glass …

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