Man on a Diet - September 15 - Coach Rampant
Man on a Diet - September 15 - Coach Rampant

We increase and divide the protein. We structure training.

There are just over 8 weeks left. Moreover, the last two are no longer for the faint of heart.

Now wagging is not allowed.

Man on a Diet - September 15 - Coach Rampant
Man on a Diet - September 15 - Coach Rampant

Strictly in the morning.

Fruits - white grapefruit and green apples. Pineapple stump. It was me who got up on time and she stayed with me when I made myself a smoothie.

For breakfast, 4 soft-boiled eggs, a couple of tablespoons of rice that were left over from yesterday's dinner with a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt, blueberry gum and a couple of drops of honey. Well, traditionally - tea and two rice biscuits with apricot jam.

With you rice biscuits with apricot jam and a couple of dry biscuits. Separately, a couple of slices of chicken - no more than 100g. This is for an afternoon snack. In the morning, you can have more carbohydrates. More protein in the afternoon. And protein at least 4 meals - for breakfast, lunch, snack after lunch and dinner.

By the way, chicken eggs are the most accessible and convenient protein. This protein is convenient in many ways. It's available. It is fairly easy to digest - provided it is properly prepared. The protein is completely curled up, the yolk is slightly veined. That is, soft-boiled, fried eggs, poached - this is how you can eat all day.

Cholesterol? Well, it seems they have long and convincingly pointed out that cholesterol and egg white have nothing in common.

Rather, the cholesterol contained in the yolk of a chicken egg, as the only fat-containing component of the egg, is not that harmful cholesterol that is dangerous for the blood vessels of the human body.

But protein from a chicken egg is absorbed just very well.

What's more, the bright yolk of a hen's egg - unless this brightness is, of course, achieved by chemical manipulation - is a sign that it contains a lot of beta-carotene. This is a pro-vitamin - a substance necessary for the synthesis of vitamin A.

Exactly what is needed for this very vitamin to be formed. On the one hand, this substance is a natural dye, on the other, it is fat-soluble, like vitamin A. That is why the brightness of the yolk is evidence of the presence of this very beta-carotene. Where does it come from in the egg? The chickens were fed correctly. That is, with natural plant feed. Or chemistry is a matter of trusting your store.

This is what determines the yellowness of butter and cheese. The cow stays inside all winter, eats dry food that contains little beta-carotene. Winter milk produces very light colored butter and cheese. And the closer to spring, the whiter the cheese and butter become. And as soon as the cow was taken out on young grass - and this happens in some countries in May, then the cheese made from the first milkings from meadow forage will be bright yellow. And it has already become a seasonal product. This cheese is called May cheese or Herbal cheese.

For lunch - a green salad without carbohydrates.

Salad mix, canned tuna - butter for sauce. Tomato, cucumber, radish, green beans - boiled and chilled.

Greek yogurt sauce, tuna oil and spices. Very similar in consistency to mayonnaise. Yes, and definitely a red onion. Anticyanins, which provide the bright purple color of this onion, are a source of many minerals and trace elements, including magnesia.

This salad asks for a boiled egg, but four eaten for breakfast is enough.

I do not mix the sauce with the salad, but I give it with me. The vegetables in the salad will soften when mixed with the sauce. It is best to do this just before use.

Man on a Diet - September 15 - Coach Rampant
Man on a Diet - September 15 - Coach Rampant

But back to our rams….

What exactly to cook for dinner - the son suggested. He loves this dish very much. I will not call it a familiar word, so as not to injure the original fans of this dish.

In short, it's rice with chicken.

I usually do this with chicken drumsticks. We already sell them without skin and bones. They are not as dry as the breasts. But now we can only breast. So chicken breast in small cubes - three half-heels for 1 huge glass of rice.

I cook it in a wok. Although my wok is rather big, but even a full wok is enough for dinner and my son for lunch. It is eaten instantly.

But now I'm doing the diet version. No carrots. But you can't go without vegetables at all.

Chop the onion. I heat the wok, put a couple of tablespoons of grape seed oil, put onions and chicken pieces and mix-mix-mix. When the whole chicken turned white, kohlrabi and overgrown zucchini on a coarse grater and there. We mixed everything, poured rice and mix-mix-mix. Then there is a spoonful of vegetable salt and a teaspoon of curry. And two volumes of water.

Stirred, boiled, covered with a lid and turned on the timer for 18-20 minutes.

That's all. The main thing here is to distract the kids so that the brain cannot stand it, because it smells very tasty.

There was no training today. After two days of training, you need to take a day off.

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. And since we were not going anywhere after dinner, I opened a bottle of sauvignon for dinner.

The serving of Greek yogurt with berries, already familiar after dinner, is halved.

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