How to starve for 10 days and survive
How to starve for 10 days and survive

Like most women, Yulia Kashina was preoccupied with the problem of excess weight: diets, detox, sports, massages, and more. But today she talks about how she went to Altai to eat nothing for a week and a half and lose weight to size 42.

How to starve for 10 days and survive
How to starve for 10 days and survive

I read about fasting, heard about fasting centers, but I have never considered this method for myself, because when I am hungry, I have bouts of uncontrolled aggression. That is why I did not consider this method of preserving the figure. I did not consider it categorically. Until one day my friend and I met for dinner with our mutual friend. Seeing her, we were stunned: not only her eyes, but also her skin shone, and so much so that I wanted to touch her all the time. She herself lost two sizes for sure and became incredibly feminine. The first thought was: she has a new romance. Well, honestly - when a woman is dramatically prettier in all respects, if not at the beginning of a relationship with the man of her dreams? But no, it turned out that she went to Altai to the fasting center and it was there that she was transformed. And in just 10 days.

In general, I am not a very decisive person, and even a skeptic. Add to this bouts of uncontrolled aggression based on hunger. But even to me this idea seemed interesting. At first, out of politeness, and then all with great and great interest began to ask questions: How is it that there is nothing for 10 days? From what moment do you start eating nothing? How often do you eat this "nothing"? How quickly and how well is this "nothing" absorbed in the body? And it is from this "nothing" that you end up being so good? And what can be taken between "nothing" and "nothing"? Is there a risk of gaining weight from such "nothing"?

To be honest, asking questions, all the time I wanted to hear that "a little" after all, you eat, just, relative to the usual diet, this "little" is the cherished "nothing".

But the friend was relentless: NOTHING! GENERALLY. 10 DAYS. Yes, you drink a lot, even if you don't fit, you still drink. But in water, as you know, there are 0 calories, which means NOTHING. Then the friend said a strange, at that time, phrase: to be honest, I don't want to eat.

Even after a detailed story, doubts and fears still remained, But the temptation was too great to get prettier in 10 days. Moreover, living proof that it may have sat next to her and exuded such beauty that had not been observed before that it was impossible to resist. So, sitting in an Italian cafe, eating fittuccine with oyster mushrooms, washing it down with white wine, my friend and I decided to go hungry.

We took all the attendances, passwords of the fasting center, phoned, booked a room and tickets and arrived. Within 30 minutes after arrival, we were weighed, measured, counted and recorded. And from that moment on, we stopped eating, only drinking. Firstly, in principle, there was nothing to eat, in the dining room only phyto-tea was served on the table, and that in the evening. Secondly, I don't know why, but I really didn't feel like eating. Generally. I listened to myself, waited for some stirring in my stomach, seething. Nothing. How cut off.

The first day we happily ran through the forest, laughed, admired the river and galloped over the pebbles like Altai goats. Life was wonderful and wonderful. Mentally, we already altered our favorite outfits two sizes smaller, planned to accept compliments, catch admiring glances, and, what is it, were preparing to seriously consider proposals that we would never have swung at in an old body.

Looking ahead, I will say that it was so, but only what did it cost us.

On the second day we were given a list of procedures. It consisted of baths, mud, phyto-barrels, leeches, acupuncture, types of massages (visceral, general, for the face). But they headed the list of enemas, with the help of which the body was cleansed and, as they say, filled with new meaning. I do not know about the meaning, but there were many enemas: in the morning and in the evening, and if there were none, then there was an IOC (monitor bowel cleansing). I will not describe the nuances of this procedure, they are painfully delicate. Physically, nothing difficult, but psychologically you need to be prepared. Especially for men, for some reason it is especially difficult for them to bear it.

Despite the abundance of enemas, my mood and state of health were so wonderful that in the evening I even went for a run. Oh yes, the scales showed minus 1 kg. 300 gr. And this is just the first day. Summing up the day we lived, my friend and I decided that if everything goes the way it is, shouldn't we aim at 21 days of fasting?

The "oddities" began on the third day. I woke up, got out of bed and immediately sat down, tk. I felt very dizzy. To align myself, I had to sit on the bed for about 15 minutes. My ears were ringing, and my heart was pounding. I still didn’t want to eat, but I didn’t have the strength to do something and didn’t want to. With difficulty I washed, got dressed and went to see the doctor. I must say that a visit to a doctor is a daily procedure where vital signs are measured. It turned out that my blood pressure dropped dramatically: 67/43 and pulse 110. Even the fact that the scales showed minus 1 kg. 700 gr., It did not add strength to me. It felt like I was falling apart

I wanted to lie down and not move. Which just cannot be done categorically. When you are hungry, you must move a lot, at least 10 thousand steps. The center's program is designed so that patients do not sit in numbers and do not think about food. In the first half of the day you go to the procedures, in the second half - a massive trip to the Altai beauties. In the evening, a couple more procedures, herbal tea and master classes, lectures, hobby groups. With your brains you understand that you need all this, but there is simply no strength for all this.

This is where my first insight happened: it turns out that I am not as sick as I thought and not as healthy as I had hoped.

I have always considered myself a healthy person: for the 8th year I have been practicing yoga, I run in the park in the evenings all year round, skiing and skating in winter. Yes, I have chronic eczema, and only because of this I understand that I cannot be considered absolutely healthy. But I could not even imagine that my body would give such a reaction.

Well, how long do you think a morning shower can take? 15 minutes? But no - 50 minutes. And I don't count the time to get to the bathroom, get into the shower, and then put on a robe and go out. It takes about 20 minutes more. I was sitting on the edge of the booth and crying from powerlessness, tk. I couldn't even raise my hands and lather my head without dizziness. The usual actions for me were given with incredible efforts. I did not expect such a betrayal from my body.

From that moment on, the body turned on the system for saving energy and resources: I was not fascinated by the beauty of Altai, the smell of meadow grasses, the purest and transparent water of the Katun. I regularly went, or rather, crawled to all the planned procedures and excursions, but this did not bring me joy at all. I still didn't feel like eating, the weight was melting, but at the same time it seemed that life was leaving me not drop by drop, but bucket a day.

Although no, there were still some emotions. For example, irritation: I was pissed off by people, especially energetic people. As it turned out, everyone endures hunger in different ways, someone, like me, lies with a rag, someone withdraws into himself and stops communicating with the outside world, and someone frees up a lot of energy. There was a girl in our group who swam 5 km every day. and passed 20 kg. And she did not starve for a sad 10 days, but for a full 21. So she infuriated me. Then, when I was released, I decided: why am I mad, a normal aunt, everything was essentially saying and doing. Why am I doing this to her? But then … then I could neither see nor hear her.

After 5 days (equator) we began to let go a little. No, I still did not want to eat, the pressure did not rise, the weight melted by 1 kg. per day is stable, but at the same time, suddenly, I wanted to talk about food. All the time, everywhere and with everyone. Not only that, I started dreaming about food. And for the first time in my life, my dreams also smelled.

By the 8th day, I finally felt better. Either the body got used to this level of pressure, or the ending was close, but I began to react to jokes, laugh, enter into dialogues with other hungry people. And still there, sitting on the bank of the turquoise Katun, I made a decision for myself that I would not take this step anymore. I am not healthy enough to practice this healing method.

Having already arrived home, having bought a heap of dresses of 42 sizes, receiving compliments and catching envious glances, answering questions, I formulated for myself the main points that you should know about before deciding to go hungry or not.

1. If you decide to go hungry in a specialized center, then you need to go there either alone or with a very trusted person. It is advisable to take separate rooms, because … enemas !!! In the morning and in the evening. Sharing the toilet with an unfamiliar and not close person is an unpleasant occupation.

2. Another argument in favor of being alone is emotion. And most of them are negative, which are exacerbated by starvation (aggression, irritation, dissatisfaction with everything and everyone). In ordinary life, you would not even notice that somewhere in the next room a person is lying and breathing, but because of hunger, you think that he is lying next to you and sniffing into your brain.

3. You need to be prepared for any exacerbation of diseases, even those of which you did not even suspect. For example, my friend felt pretty good most of the time, but from the 6th day until she left, she suffered from heartburn. In ordinary life, I drank a pill and forgot, but medicines are prohibited on hunger. So she walked in an embrace with her heartburn for 4 days.

4. Be sure to sign up for at least 3 sessions of aesthetic facial modeling. You quickly lose weight, the skin does not have time to recover, not only bags under the eyes begin to sag, but also the corners of the lips and chin. In women, between the ages of 18 and 25, this effect quickly disappears. But in Balzac ladies and ladies of elegant age, small networks of wrinkles appear, which, if not intercepted at the beginning, simply cannot be removed from the face.

5. I highly recommend visceral massage. It is painful, true, but very useful. Restores peristalsis, removes adhesions and displacements (if any, of course). But, again, it is very painful. And as painful as it is, so useful.

6. Take a lot of greasy cream with you. The skin dries wildly and flakes. And from the fact that water leaves and from a large number of baths, phyto-barrels and other procedures.

7. It is possible, but not necessary, three weeks after leaving hunger, hair will begin to crumble. Bunches. For almost six months I have been restoring my hair with masks, balms, herbs and massages.

8. Be prepared for the fact that you will be shocked by how little a person needs food to be full. And how much people eat. Incredibly many. Wildly a lot.

But there are positive aspects, there are fewer of them, in number, but each is worth its weight in gold:

1. You are guaranteed to lose weight from 8 to 20 kg. Depending on the original weight. Provided that you will not only starve, but also move a lot.

2. Break up with chronic illnesses. For example, my eczema, which tormented me for more than 20 years, disappeared. And she didn't come back yet.

3. Give up some food and psychological addictions.

4. Look differently at your diet and the diet of your family. Many people refuse meat after fasting. If you've thought about it, you have a chance to make up your mind.

5. Review your food intake. After starvation, the stomach becomes like a kitten's, really no more than a thimble. The main thing is not to stretch it right away.

6. In the experiment you will take such useful habits as drinking water immediately after waking up and sleeping, doing one day a week for unloading, observing a 12-hour break between evening meals and morning meals, etc.

7. Well, and take into account the fact that you were able to starve for 10 days and survive.

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