Food that can be ideally combined with bodily practices
Food that can be ideally combined with bodily practices

No one wants to break the nirvana immersion in yoga class with a hungry rumbling in their stomach. And on a full stomach, all the more, it will not be possible to perform an asana or go into meditation. How do you find a compromise?

Food that can be ideally combined with bodily practices
Food that can be ideally combined with bodily practices

ELEMENTAREE experts have selected as many as five menu items for the experienced yogi. Foods are nutritious and easy to digest without leaving a bloated or heavy feeling.

Bananas and prunes

You can't imagine a better snack before yoga or Pilates. Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which regulates water balance in the body. It is also high in magnesium, which can help prevent cramps and bloating. Another source of potassium is prunes: for every 30 grams they contain 300 mg of potassium. It is worth stopping at so much of the eaten prunes so that the comfortable feeling of satiety before class is not replaced by an uncomfortable bubbling in the stomach.


Great energy boost and no hunger - what more could you ask for on your way to yoga class? In addition to potassium and magnesium, these nuts contain vitamin E, which also maintains water balance and gives muscles strength. The main thing is to eat plain almonds, not salted or roasted almonds. And yes, almond M & M's don't count.


There is 60% more magnesium and potassium in one avocado than in a banana. In addition, the "alligator pear" is very nutritious, so the feeling of fullness comes quickly and remains for a long time. At the same time, you will not experience abdominal discomfort during difficult poses like uthita-trikkonasana, but you will feel more strength in the muscles when standing on the hands. Plus, the sensation of an avocado digesting in your stomach helps you achieve calmness and enlightenment faster, because you will know that it lowers "bad" cholesterol and aids muscle growth.

Dark chocolate

A real dream snack. A couple of dark chocolate chunks will help maintain glucose levels and improve blood flow to the brain. Eaten before exercise will also improve concentration and focus. Finally, it contains phenylethylamine, a substance that our brains synthesize when we feel in love. It speeds up your heart rate and boosts the energy levels you need for a productive workout.


They keep the body hydrated and maintain blood sugar levels. They also contain fibers that prolong the feeling of fullness without feeling heavy. By the way, dried fruits are also suitable: dried apricots and raisins also contain sugar, which increases the level of energy and endurance.

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