For 1500 rubles you can try yoga in space
For 1500 rubles you can try yoga in space

“Yoga is space” - so many people think who have tried this fascinating journey deep into themselves. But has anyone tried yoga in space?

For 1500 rubles you can try yoga in space
For 1500 rubles you can try yoga in space

A yoga marathon from the YOGA_METHOD community and the ARTPLAY Design Center will allow all participants to answer this question in the affirmative. Surrounded by multimedia projections of the exhibition “Cosmos. Love”you will go to the endless expanses of the Universe without leaving the yoga mat!

Participation in the marathon does not require special physical training; the level of difficulty is chosen by the participant himself. Also, for a deeper immersion in the practice, an integral part of yoga marathons is music performed by famous DJs and musicians. The aim of the event is to popularize yoga and spread the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

The Cosmos. Love exhibition is held within the framework of the Year of Gagarin, announced by ROSCOSMOS in 2016. Taking archival footage and the history of Russian art from the avant-garde to the present day as a basis, the exhibition reconstructs the global sensual rise of all mankind on the threshold of the “new world”. The foreground contains works by young Russian artists - an emotional look of a modern person on the era of the conquest of outer space. The multimedia room recreates the ideas of the colonization of space, from architectural projects and prototypes of aircraft created by Russian futurologists of the first half of the 20th century to modern landscape photography of the Universe. In chronological sequence, the viewer plunges into utopian worlds: avant-garde artists (Malevich, Tatlin, Suetin, Chashnik), designing houses outside the earth's orbit; Russian scientists (Fedorov, Tsiolkovsky), whose mathematical and philosophical studies are devoted to human survival on other planets; Soviet designers (Korolev, Barmin, Glushko, Pilyugin, Ryazansky, Kuznetsov), thanks to whom mankind was able to break away from the Earth. And, of course, the cosmonauts (Gagarin, Leonov, Tereshkova), whose courage and determination proved that a person can do anything. The multimedia projection is divided into three storylines: "Premonition of Space", "On the Threshold of a New Life", "Infinite Universe".

Come and plunge into a state of cosmic harmony!

January 28, 2017, beginning at 18.00

The ticket price is 1500 rubles - the price includes viewing the exhibition and visiting a yoga marathon.

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