70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen
70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen

Julia Angel, a beauty and health expert, beauty blogger and business woman, shared a set of percussion exercises for the press, as well as her views on healthy lifestyles and children's nutritional culture.

70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen
70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen

Healthy lifestyle - education

Now I can hardly believe it myself, but four years ago I weighed 75 kg. And all because the cult of food in our family, probably, like many in Russia, was elevated to the rank of a national cultural tradition. They fed me as it was supposed to: first, second, third and compote. A bag of pies and buns was my eternal companion both to school and for a walk. And by the age of twelve, of course, I wanted to like the boys, like my more slender classmates. Then tears, resentments, ruthless diets secretly from parents began … I am sure that we simply have to instill a culture of healthy eating in our children from infancy. And by and large, the children's diet should not differ much from the diet of an adult.

• Teach your child to eat small, balanced meals every 2-3 hours, because large meals more insulin less blood sugar a signal to the body (even a small body!) To reserve fat;

• Instead of harmful packaged juices, in which one chemistry and a huge amount of sugar, let your child drink more water and natural compotes from apples, dried fruits, etc.;

• Include in the diet plenty of vegetables and fruits - the most important source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients;

• An important point is breakfast. It must be balanced and must contain complex carbohydrates - porridge, porridge and more porridge! This is what the child's body simply needs.

• Now the most important point is sweets! I myself am a terrible sweet tooth … Try to make healthy sweets at home, replacing sugar with stevia and wheat flour with whole grain. Agree with your child that it is pleasant to eat sweets in your family only for breakfast - before lunch, come up with a legend or a game about this.

• Spend more time with your child outdoors and for active recreation, teach children to exercise, ski, skate, bike, run and other minimal physical and cardio exercise.

And remember, parents are the main example for your child! And if you don't add harmful mayonnaise, ketchup to every dish, or save time with a lunch of pasta and sausages, your child will never accept it either.

70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen
70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen

Mission - flat tummy

Once upon a time I thought that a set of percussion exercises for the press would quickly make it embossed. But burning fat in one place, in principle, is impossible. And it is even more impossible without proper nutrition. You can allow yourself to eat a cake and run to burn it to the gym with exercises, but on condition that you already have a form, in our case, an accurate abs, and you support it with training. But the pumped up muscles under the layer of subcutaneous fat are not at all what we want.

Special exercises for the abdominal muscles, cardio, strength exercises with weights are required, but effective only when paired with targeted nutrition. So, for the relief press, the following are important:

• small, balanced meals every 2-3 hours, because larger meals more insulin less blood sugar a signal to the body to reserve fat;

• on days of resistance training to create dry tissues, the ratio of BJU is 35:15:50; on other days BJU for burning fat 50:20:30

• complex carbohydrates in the morning, maximum fiber, completely remove trans fats;

• less salt, more sleep;

• more water, walk everywhere with a container of water;

• eat slowly, this is an effective way to avoid overeating;

• consciously breathe more often, stress provokes weight gain;

• exercise a lot and have fun;

And remember, 70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen!

70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen
70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen

A very important exercise for the perfect abs (and not only) is the bar. Personally, I do the bar every morning: two minutes on straight arms, then bend my elbows and hold the bar for another two minutes. At the same time, I draw in my stomach as much as possible to a state of vacuum, without protruding the buttocks upward. But, of course, you can gradually learn this - at first, stand for thirty seconds, gradually increasing the time. Perfect for super busy moms and takes very little time.

So here are five good reasons to do the plank regularly:

• the bar perfectly pumps the press. When performing the exercise, all abdominal muscles are strained, the upper, middle and lower sections work. The plank will help get rid of fat on the so-called "sleeping" lower abdomen, strengthen and tighten the muscles:

• strengthens the back. During the plank, the back muscles are actively working. Thanks to regular training, the back muscle is strengthened and its performance is increased. As a result, you get not only a strong and taut back, but also reduce the risk of injury during heavy loads and when working with weights;

• Accelerates metabolism. Thanks to active blood circulation, with the correct exercise, metabolic processes improve, there is an active burning of calories in problem areas, such as the buttocks, legs, lower arms and abdominal area.

• Improves posture. Since during the exercise it is necessary to keep the back perfectly straight, this has a beneficial effect on posture. The muscles are strengthened, the spine stretches and takes on its natural position.

• Develops balance. To stay in the bar for a few minutes, you need to maintain balance. At first it was very difficult for me too, but now I can stand on one leg and even with my eyes closed. If you want to develop this direction, many fitness trainers suggest standing in a plank with one leg raised slightly upward. So you will lose one of the supports and the body will direct additional efforts to develop balance.

Frankly, this is my favorite exercise, I can't do it in the morning without doing the bar, it awakens and energizes perfectly for the whole day!

70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen
70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen

Before embarking on active swaying of the press, I will share a few important "preludes" to workout.

Before proceeding directly to the swing of the press, it is worth considering important points and recommendations.

• Be sure to warm up first. It can be both basic aerobic steps and jumping rope, but personally I prefer to just actively dance to my favorite music.

• Watching your breathing is a real problem for most trainees, but an extremely important and necessary skill.

• Do not rush to do more sets at once - let the body get used to it.

• Try to exercise regularly, and preferably at the same time of the day.

• Do not eat an hour before the start of the class.

• I know there are many opinions about whether to drink water while exercising. Personally, I think it is very important to maintain the level of hydration of the body during sports activities!

70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen
70% of your perfect abs are done in the kitchen

So, let's get down to classes:

• Straight twists. You need to lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Place your hands behind your head, but do not interlock your fingers. Raise your upper body while lifting your shoulder blades off the floor. Returning to the starting position, do not rest your head on the floor - try to keep it suspended. Three approaches should be done ten times.

• Reverse crunches. Lie on the floor and extend your arms along your body. Raise your legs at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the body and bend at the knees at the same angle. Now we slowly lift the pelvis off the floor and bring the knees to the chest, without changing the angle. And then there are three approaches ten times.

• Simultaneous twisting. We cross our feet and pull our legs, bent at the knees, to the chest. We put our hands behind the head behind the head and tear the upper body off the floor together with the legs.

• Oblique twists. At the knees, bend the legs and put them on the right side. We raise the body with our hands behind the head. For the first lessons, twenty times is enough, but then try to increase the number.

Believe in yourself, love and improve!

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