How to prepare for a half marathon in 2 months?
How to prepare for a half marathon in 2 months?

If you train in the gym, keep an eye on your diet, combine strength and cardio loads, you must have thought more than once that it’s time to do something large-scale and significant. For example, running a marathon.

How to prepare for a half marathon in 2 months?
How to prepare for a half marathon in 2 months?

Let's say right away that the distance of the marathon is 42.2 km. Therefore, it is better to start preparing for such an event at least a year in advance, even if you lead a sporty lifestyle. This is a very long distance, and for an untrained person, such a record can result in serious injuries.

But for a half marathon, that is, for a 21.1 km race, it is quite possible for a sports person to prepare in just 2 months. Here are some quick tips on how to gather your courage and devote time to purposeful preparation for your race.

Choose a date and register

Emotional attitude is very important. Often, on the way to a big goal, it is not physical obstacles that hinder us, but banal laziness and lack of motivation. Therefore, you need to prepare not abstractly, but for an exact date and a specific event.

For example, registration for the annual half marathon “Takeda. Autumn Thunder ". This is one of the most famous Moscow races, in which up to 5 thousand athletes take part at the same time. It will take place on September 10, so there are just 8 weeks before the start.

Do you think that time is running out? Then don't miss the registration for the Autumn in Tsaritsino half marathon. It takes place in early October.

Check the race schedule and choose the one that suits you. Do not forget to tell your friends about your intentions, then you will definitely have to run!

Start running regularly

Now that there is nowhere to retreat, it's time to move on to preparation. For these 2 months, the usual weight training will have to be postponed. Exercises like these make your muscles tight and make it difficult to run. It is better to limit yourself to warm-up exercises with your own weight.

Start with 3-4 running workouts per week, and in the second month increase the number of workouts to 5-7 workouts per week. The distance must also be gradually increased, but no more than 10% of the previous result.

Remember that achieving a goal such as a half marathon requires regularity and endurance rather than impetuous records.

Take care of your feet

Smears and nail dieback are the most common problems that runners face. Be sure to choose comfortable sneakers in which you do not feel any discomfort. The toes should not be pressed against or squeezed by the shoes. Buy several pairs of professional wool socks. Unlike cotton and synthetic ones, they wick moisture well and resist chafing. Trim your nails in time and monitor the condition of your skin. If you notice that your nails have begun to blacken or hurt, immediately contact a trauma surgeon.

Keep track of the regime and nutrition

If you do not have the opportunity to get enough sleep, it is better not to start preparing for the race. Regular exercise will only bear fruit if the body has the strength to recover. Exactly how much you need to sleep cannot be said, since each person has his own needs for rest. But on average, the body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to recover effectively.

It is better to saturate the diet in the preparatory period with complex carbohydrates. These are whole grain cereals, buckwheat, rice, durum wheat pasta. Fruits and vegetables will help you enrich yourself with essential vitamins and minerals.

If you adhered to proper nutrition before preparation, then all this will not be a problem for you. Just increase your portions as your body doesn't need to be in a calorie deficit right now as it does when you are losing weight.

Find a good motive

After all, this race is not just for you. Do not be afraid that you will not reach or walk part of the distance. You are doing a good deed anyway, as most of the races are now charitable. The organizers of sports events allocate part of the funds raised to help children, to care for the disabled and pensioners, to save rare species of animals, to preserve the environment, etc. With your participation, you help those who need it.

Approach sports records wisely so you can benefit yourself and those around you.

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