A summer zhor attacked Moscow: "I don't believe that I ate it all in half an hour."
A summer zhor attacked Moscow: "I don't believe that I ate it all in half an hour."

Often people lose weight in the warm season, and then gain extra pounds again in winter. Such a drop in weight is quite satisfactory for many. But this year, the weather has interfered with the usual course of things.

Summer zhor attacked Moscow
Summer zhor attacked Moscow

Cold and rain only dispersed appetite, so it was not easy to lose weight, as it was a year ago. Will the extra pounds on the sides be the main memory of this summer?

"Summer. Dog cold. Here I am sitting over a mountain of chicken bones, two cottage cheese wrappers, a licked bowl of stewed cabbage, crumbs from two bagels and just crying. I do not believe that I ate it all myself in half an hour. I have added a whole kilogram IN TWO DAYS. What to do?"

Denis Gusev, a professional athlete, winner of the Arnold Classic Europe tournament, holder of the IFBB Pro card and founder of the Level Kitchen brand, comments on the situation:

The stereotype that in winter it is possible and necessary to gain weight, and it is better to leave weight loss until the warm season, dates back to ancient times. Then our ancestors fought for existence - they escaped from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer. However, today everyone walks in winter in warm jackets and fur coats and lives in well-heated rooms, and in summer they work in comfortable conditions under air conditioning. And the habit of gaining weight in winter "because it is cold" has become a kind of excuse for those who do not want to take responsibility for their bad habits.

Such people honestly believe that it is quite natural to gain weight in winter, because when summer comes, they will want to eat less and the body will lose weight by itself. They think that you can give yourself some relaxation just because the extra pounds in winter are not visible under the clothes. My philosophy is this: you always need to be in shape and look good!

Working on your body is painstaking and long work. If you want to achieve results, you need to work out the body at any time of the year. In addition, due to the constant jumps in weight, the skin also stretches, which also leads to unpleasant consequences. My main advice: decide what goal you want to achieve, and then go to it in small but sure steps. I will share with you a few life hacks that will help you painlessly switch to proper nutrition, regardless of the time of year:

Drink a glass of water before meals. Drink at least a glass of water 15-20 minutes before meals, this will allow you to eat less at a time, because water reduces the free space in the stomach and a lot of food cannot fit in you.

Eating at night is NOT harmful. The main thing is not to overload your body with complex dishes. And limit yourself to a salad of fresh vegetables with the addition of granulated bran.

Know the number of calories you eat per day. This can be done using an online calorie counter. If we are talking about losing weight, then you need to arrange yourself a small calorie deficit relative to their usual amount. But keep in mind that in any case, there can be no less than 1000 of them per day! We must not forget about the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates (B / F / U). To calculate these parameters, you can contact a nutritionist or use a service where each dish, in terms of its calorie content and B / W / U ratio, strictly corresponds to a person's goals.

If you do plan your diet yourself, consider variety! Look for new healthy products, experiment. Change your diet gradually, removing unhealthy foods from it.

Move more. If you are not a fan of fitness rooms, then there are many alternative options for making your leisure time useful. Go for a bike ride in the parks, go to a rock climbing workshop, or walk one stop home after work.

Remember that eating healthy is not a diet, but a way of life.

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