How celebrities lose weight: procedures that will get rid of 6-7 centimeters at a time
How celebrities lose weight: procedures that will get rid of 6-7 centimeters at a time

It would seem that an elementary, but at the same time the most effective formula for losing weight "Eat less - move more" is not a secret for anyone for a long time. However, not everyone is capable of constantly limiting themselves in delicious food and exhausting themselves with workouts in the gym.

How celebrities lose weight: procedures that will get rid of 6-7 centimeters at a time
How celebrities lose weight: procedures that will get rid of 6-7 centimeters at a time

LPG massage

LPG massage is named after Louis Paul Guite, a French engineer who invented a device for affecting the epidermis and muscle tissue. Its principle was somewhat similar to vacuum massage: the skin was drawn into a special nozzle, and rollers and rollers processed this fold. The same apparatus was used to restore muscles after injury or surgery. Today, devices for LPG massage are, of course, much more modern, but the principle remains unchanged: the skin is drawn into the nozzle (maniple) with an individually selected frequency, and the rollers knead it. Such a procedure, which lasts an average of 45 minutes, is aimed at solving a whole complex of problems at once: to reduce the severity of cellulite, and remove swelling, and make the silhouette more fit, and get rid of a couple of centimeters. LPG massage has some contraindications (pregnancy, hemophilia, thrombophlebitis, hernias, protruding moles), so it is best to consult a specialist in advance.


Initially, cavitation is, of course, not a cosmetic procedure, but a physical phenomenon: the formation of bubbles in a liquid due to a local decrease in pressure in the liquid (most often due to a sound wave). That is, when exposed to ultrasound, bubbles appear in the intercellular space. When they burst, they create a kind of shock wave that destroys fat cells. Cavitation is used in a similar way in dentistry, removing tartar and pigmented plaque, as well as in medicine - to destroy kidney stones. Of course, it will not be possible to get rid of all fat reserves at once - in principle, as in one session of any cosmetic procedure - however, experts promise a loss of at least a centimeter in problem areas, more elastic and taut skin, especially if you combine cavitation with lymphatic drainage massage … It is also recommended to take a course of several procedures in order to achieve a noticeable result.


Cryolipolysis is the breakdown of fat into acid constituents, which occurs due to exposure of the cell to cold, which is why the procedure is also called cryoliposuction or cold liposculpture. Its meaning lies in the fact that within an hour a special apparatus is exposed to low temperatures on the fat layer, and the surrounding tissues do not suffer in any way. As a result, fat cells die - it is quite safe for the body - and the volume is reduced. Therefore, cryolipolysis is often referred to as a non-invasive (i.e. non-surgical) alternative to liposuction. In addition to getting rid of extra centimeters, cryolipolysis is also aimed at reducing the severity of cellulite and correcting the contours of the silhouette. However, due to the rapidly growing popularity of this procedure, there are more and more unlicensed devices with which cryolipolysis is performed, so a trip to a beauty salon or a cosmetic medicine clinic can be overshadowed by serious consequences - in particular, frostbite.


Wraps as a method of body shaping were known even before our era, but modern technologies and tools make them much more effective. A pleasant bonus of wraps, unlike the two previous procedures, is that they can be done at home, but in large salons there is an opportunity to visit the sauna or go to a hydromassage session beforehand, which helps to properly prepare the skin. Some of the most effective components for such procedures are honey, coffee, chocolate, clay and algae, while wraps can be either hot or cold or even contrasting. After the procedure, it will be useful to have a session of regular or LPG massage. After one such session, you can find a decrease not only in volumes, but also a weight loss of up to two kilograms, but you should not flatter yourself: wraps are aimed primarily at removing excess fluid, fighting cellulite and tightening the skin, and not burning fat. However, it will be possible to get rid of a few centimeters - this is enough so that before an important event, for example, the dress fits perfectly. It should also be remembered that wraps have their own contraindications (for example, varicose veins), so it is always best to consult a doctor.


Of course, all cosmetic procedures in themselves are not a panacea: you will not be able to eat fast food and calmly lose weight during massage sessions. In addition, as already noted, almost all of these methods, firstly, are aimed at removing excess fluid, and secondly, they require a course approach, from 6 to 10 sessions. Therefore, if the goal is not just to urgently get rid of a couple of extra centimeters, but to reduce weight, then these procedures are unlikely to help. For those who cannot take on themselves on their own, there are various sanatoriums for weight loss. For example, the house of Gali Granger, forcing British stars to lose weight on the TLC project "How Celebrities Lose Weight" *. Such boarding houses are usually located far from civilization, where there are no shops and cafes, so there is simply no way to break loose and break the prescribed diet. They offer individual programs - usually from 7 to 21 days - specially designed nutrition based on your goals, exercise and all the same beauty treatments - from Vichy showers and cavitation to vacuum massages and lymphatic drainage. In such a combination, cosmetic methods can really be many times more effective, and the result from them is much more noticeable.

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