Schwarzeneggers in skirts: 7 whims of clients that amaze fitness trainers
Schwarzeneggers in skirts: 7 whims of clients that amaze fitness trainers

A coach is the main assistant of any athlete, both professional and amateur. It is he who will always tell you how to do the exercise correctly, select sports nutrition and clarify what needs to be changed in your regimen. As a rule, trainers have not only iron muscles, but also steel nerves, but they can also be pissed off.

Schwarzeneggers in skirts: 7 whims of clients that amaze fitness trainers
Schwarzeneggers in skirts: 7 whims of clients that amaze fitness trainers

Daria Skvortsova, the leading universal trainer of a unified fitness subscription to more than 400 sports clubs in Moscow, St. Petersburg,, spoke about the 7 most popular whims of fitness club clients that can infuriate even an experienced trainer.

Caprice number 1. I want everything at once

A client comes to the fitness room and wants incredible results in a very short time. For example, lose weight by three sizes in five days. Especially often, such a desire arises for some important date - an anniversary or a wedding. Of course, the achievement of such a goal is impossible without harm to health, but it is precisely its strengthening that should be the main motivation for any workout.

Coach's advice: it is necessary not only to realistically assess your form at the moment, but also to set feasible goals, taking into account age, lifestyle and other criteria.

Caprice number 2. I want everything without stress

An alternative version of a pipe dream is the desire to achieve sporting achievements without the necessary load. For example, pump up the buttocks, like that of Kim Kardashian, lifting a barbell weighing three kilograms. The option "nice and without stress" is, of course, possible. However, alas, not in the fitness room.

Trainer advice: the specialist will select the optimal load, which should be increased over time in order to achieve the dream figure. By the way, girls are often afraid to be "pumped" - do not be afraid, even from a barbell weighing 50 kg without special food it is impossible to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Caprice number 3. And talk?

Some clients like to chat a lot. In this case, the topic can be anything - from tooth extraction to the divorce of the older sister of the brother's ex-girlfriend. Clueless conversations greatly interfere with training, especially when the "stream of consciousness" is continuous. Remember that all effort should be directed towards exercise. This is also the dream of a coach who is far from always inclined to maintain a conversation.

Coach's advice: we speak only to the point, don't stop breathing - we get the maximum result.

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<p> Daria Skvortsova Caprice number 4. All people are like people, and I am a superstar! </p></p>
<p> Unfortunately, some clients, most often women, come to the gym not only to train, but also “to show themselves, to look at people”. This is expressed in the constant discussion of everyone around, and it does not matter in what way. Sometimes such people do not like “pumped”, sometimes fat, sometimes thin - and all this is exclusively “in their opinion”. </p></p>
<p> Coach's advice: working on yourself and monitoring your results is much more effective and correct than discussing others. </p></p>
<p> Caprice # 5. Supermotivation </p></p>
<p> It also happens that highly motivated clients come to the coach. They immediately talk about their goals, buy uniforms, food, subscription, as well as all programs and services available for sale. However, experienced trainers know that these are the people who disappear after the first week of training. </p></p>
<p> Coach's advice: everything is good in moderation. You should not jump into the whirlpool with your head, it is better to gradually immerse yourself in the world of sports. In this case, the likelihood of long-term cooperation increases significantly, and the brain will not resist drastic changes. Moreover, if you purchase a single subscription for a month, this will allow you to choose interesting activities for yourself, check your motivation and not overpay. </p></p>
<p> Whim number 6. My personal trainer </p></p>
<p> Not all clients of fitness clubs correctly understand the phrase "individual training". For some, it is a lifelong permit to stay in touch with a coach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Knee pain? Call the coach, send a photo to the mail! Forgot how many calories are in buckwheat? Write to the trainer SMS! The coach is not answering ?! It's time to start looking for him on social networks! </p></p>
<p> Coach's advice: we really love our work and clients. It is worth remembering, however, that we also need to have some private time for family and friends. We will be happy to answer all your questions in the next lesson. </p></p>
<figure class = Schwarzeneggers in skirts: 7 whims of clients that amaze fitness trainers
Schwarzeneggers in skirts: 7 whims of clients that amaze fitness trainers

Caprice No. 7. I took gold in 97th!

The opposite of whim number 2. This often happens when a person in the past went in for sports, say, 15 years ago. He comes to the gym and "already knows everything": he immediately begins to take large weights, exhausts his body. Most often, men sin this, especially if girls are doing it nearby. In the worst case, after such a workout, you can rip your back or earn a hernia, but

more often it all ends with a terrible pain in the whole body the next day and an early termination of a sports career.

Trainer's advice: the load should be increased gradually. A professional will select exercises for all muscle groups, taking into account age, weight and health status. Such training will only bring pleasure, and the results will not be long in coming. Go to the gym with pleasure, and the coaches will be happy to help you achieve your goals!

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