Booty like Kim: top 5 exercises for very, very tight buttocks
Booty like Kim: top 5 exercises for very, very tight buttocks

Paradox: the easiest way to make your waist thinner is to pump up your buttocks. This technique is used by many stars, but the main one among them, of course, is Kim Kardashian. It was oh-oh-oh-very big booty that once made her a world star, and she does not get tired of improving this part of the body today. Her exercises will help you!

Booty like Kim: top 5 exercises for very, very tight buttocks
Booty like Kim: top 5 exercises for very, very tight buttocks

Correct squats

The most effective glute exercises are squats. The secret of success is in the execution technique. Stand straight with your back straight, shoulders down, hands at your waist or in front of you, body weight on your heels. Sit down 20 times, rest for a minute, do 2 more approaches. Make sure that the pelvis is laid back, as if you are trying to sit on a low chair - this way the load on the knees will be minimal.

Nuance: with good physical preparation, we complicate the task for ourselves - we take dumbbells of 1, 5-2 kg in our hands - the load will increase, the effectiveness will also be higher.

Jump squats

The exercise differs from the previous one in that a jump follows after the squat. Crouch down - jump up sharply, then return to the starting position. Just? Of course! It is also very effective. Do three sets of 10-25 times.

Abduction squats

Hands in front of you at chest level, legs bent, slightly wider than shoulder level. Squat, as shown in the video: while lifting the torso, perform swings to the side. Do three sets of 10-25 reps.

Glute bridge

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, arms along the body. Keep your knees and feet at shoulder level and keep your heels, shoulders, and lower back flat on the floor. Lift the pelvis up and linger for 5 seconds in this position, straining the gluteal muscles. We slowly go down, but try not to touch the fifth point to the floor. Do three sets, 15-25 times.

Leading the leg back

Get on your knees, focus on your hands. Smoothly move your leg to the side, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Return to starting position. For each leg, do 15-25 reps, three sets.

Your goal: to pump so that you can do this exercise from a standing position and also with additional weights on both legs.

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