Useful tricks for your body
Useful tricks for your body

Tips on how to relieve the condition when there are no medicines at hand.

Useful tricks for your body
Useful tricks for your body

If your throat is severely sore.

Massage your earlobe. This activates the ear receptors and reflexively causes a spasm in the throat, which will ease the perspiration.

If you find it difficult to hear the muttering of the interlocutor. Turn your right ear towards it, as it hears quick slurred speech better. A quiet melody will help the left ear to hear better, as it more sensitively picks up musical overflows.

If you are a man and you really need to go to the toilet.

Force yourself to think about sex. Immediately it will become easier to endure. Because urination and sex are mutually exclusive concepts. If you are terribly afraid of an injection Cough during painful needle insertion. This will significantly reduce pain by increasing tension in the chest and cerebrospinal fluid, which will desensitize pain receptors.

Useful tricks for your body
Useful tricks for your body

If you find it difficult to breathe due to nasal congestion.

Press your tongue against the palate and massage with your finger between the eyebrows, which will cause the vomer that forms the back of the nasal septum to wiggle. This will relieve nasal congestion within 20 seconds.

If heartburn prevents you from falling asleep at night.

Try sleeping on your left side. It has been proven that this position of the body reduces the reflux of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. This is due to the fact that when positioned on the left side, the angle between the esophagus and the stomach decreases, and it becomes difficult for acid to enter the esophagus.

If you have a toothache.

Rub an ice cube along the back of your hand in the web that forms between your thumb and forefinger to relieve pain. By doing so, you block pain signals from a diseased tooth to the brain.

If you burn your finger.

To reduce the likelihood of blistering at the site of the burn, applying a clean pad of another finger to the sore spot will help. It is unlikely to be as effective in relieving pain as a lump of ice, but it will avoid long-term blister treatment.

Useful tricks for your body
Useful tricks for your body

If you have nosebleeds.

Place a piece of cotton on the gum behind the bridle on the upper jaw and press firmly. This will increase the pressure on the front of the nasal septum and reduce bleeding.

If you have a fast heartbeat.

Blowing on your thumb will irritate the vagus nerve and slow the heart rate.

Useful tricks for your body
Useful tricks for your body

If your hand is numb.

Rotational head movements will help to cope with this problem. Hand numbness is often caused by pinched nerves in the neck muscles. Physical activity will help to release the nerves and the sensitivity of the hand will be restored.

If you find it difficult to dive to reach the bottom of the pool.

Take a few short, quick breaths. This will give you 10 more seconds. Because the brain will think that you have enough oxygen in store, and you can carry out your plans.

If you are susceptible to motion sickness.

Standing on the lower deck. Keep your gaze on the horizon. This will alleviate your condition by reducing the tension between sensations and visual impressions. Eating ginger can also help combat motion sickness.

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