How to lose weight by summer?
How to lose weight by summer?

There are dozens of warm and sunny days ahead, which means it's time to pull yourself together and lose those extra pounds. How to lose weight by summer? We will talk about this now.

How to lose weight by summer?
How to lose weight by summer?


As much as you would like it, but you still have to cut yourself in food. There are a great many diets that offer their weight loss services. You can choose one of them, or simply revise your diet and exclude from it those foods that lead to weight gain.

We advise you to adhere to the following rules:

Be sure to have breakfast, do not limit yourself to just one cup of tea.

At least for a while, give up sweet, starchy, fatty and fried foods.

Introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Your lunch should be hearty, but not heavy.

Eat something light for dinner, remembering that after 6 pm food should be taboo.

Losing weight by the summer should not be turned into a strict restriction. Eating too little food, of course, will lead to rapid weight loss, but after returning to a normal lifestyle, kilograms will return very quickly.

The conclusion from all this is this: eat in moderation, observing the rules described above, and do not pounce on tasty things immediately after the end of weight loss.

How to lose weight by summer?
How to lose weight by summer?

Physical exercises

Losing weight by summer, limiting yourself only to food, is unlikely to succeed. You will have to accustom yourself to playing sports, while it is not necessary to enroll yourself in the gym and exhaust yourself with difficult exercises.

Develop a lightweight complex for yourself that you can effortlessly do at home. Try to do a few exercises every morning for 10 minutes.

Get used to daily walks, for example, after leaving work or school, do not get on the trolleybus, but go for a few stops on foot. As a last resort, if you want something unusual, sign up for dances: strip plastic, belly dance, etc.

How to lose weight by summer?
How to lose weight by summer?

Anti-cellulite massage

To lose weight by summer, you should take care of the condition of your skin. Almost every woman knows what cellulite is.

A massage will help you get rid of it, which should be done with a mixture of essential oils of orange and honey.

First, prepare the mixture: mix 3 teaspoons of honey with 3-5 drops of essential oil. Then apply the mixture to areas of the orange peel and start massaging. The massage should last 10-15 minutes.

At the end of the massage, take a shower, and lubricate all massaged areas with a nourishing cream.

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