Autumn marathon: Muscovites will be taught how to run
Autumn marathon: Muscovites will be taught how to run

At the "Golden Autumn" festival, they will tell you how to prepare for marathons, what to eat for breakfast to keep up with the race, and why combine training with an excursion.

Autumn marathon: Muscovites will be taught how to run
Autumn marathon: Muscovites will be taught how to run

"Golden Autumn" is not only mouth-watering dishes from seasonal products, but also active rest! Visitors to the Moscow gastronomic festival, which will last until October 8, will be introduced to the intricacies of organizing effective running workouts.

On October 6, at the pavilion of the "Adult Library" at 19, Novy Arbat, two lectures will be held on invigorating and exciting jogging in Moscow. At 18.00 Ivan Nosatov, a correspondent for the Internet portal "Moscow 24", will share his experience of participating in the annual Moscow marathon. The participants of the meeting will learn how to decide to participate in a long race and how to prepare for it, what diet to follow for a future athlete and much more.

At 19.00 Artem Gerasimenko, founder of the Sotsiobeg project, will talk about running street workouts and how to combine jogging and excursions.

The Moscow Marathon is the largest annual race in the capital. The number of its participants is growing steadily: in 2016, 7813 runners finished at a distance of 42 km and 10944 overcame 10 km, while, for example, in 2013, less than 2.5 thousand people finished at both of these distances.

Ivan Nosatov, a correspondent for the Moscow 24 Internet portal and a participant in the race, will share his story of a marathon runner and give useful advice to those who dream of their own records.

"Participation in a marathon is an amazing experience. Of course, such loads should be approached with caution, I would advise you to start training in 4 months. Running has many nuances, so I think it is very justified to talk about this sport at the city festival," said Ivan Nosatov.

During the lecture, Ivan will talk about such basic things as the correct running technique and training plan. He will also explain important details: how to have breakfast before the race, which sneakers to wear, and even which application to download to help you. Most importantly, he will share tips on how to gather courage and decide to run a marathon.

The second participant in the lecture series, Artem Gerasimenko, proved that running around the city can make the world a better place. The project "Sotsiobeg" created by him is a running trainings for children from orphanages, which have been organized by volunteers every week since 2013. It turned out that children enjoy running and socializing together much more than when they are simply given sports equipment.

Jogging can bring joy to each of us. At a lecture at the Adult Library festival, Artem Gerasimenko will explain where and how best to run around Moscow, and also talk about his idea of combining jogging and excursions. Sport, education and recreation at the same time - sounds good, doesn't it?

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