Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale
Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale

Columnist of Eva. Ru journalist Alexey Belyakov states: a new type of women has appeared in Russia. And they excite, intrigue, delight and excite.

Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale
Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale

Every morning I run in the park. In winter and summer, always. And almost every morning the same scene takes place. A girl runs towards me, she has long curly hair, it flutters a little, the view is the most romantic. She also has strong legs in fashionable scarlet sneakers, and an excellent figure in general, I have already managed to make out, although our "date" lasts no more than ten seconds. We meet our eyes for a moment, and rush further in different directions.

I don't know anything about the curly runner, about thirty-five years old, that's all I can say. Yes, I love and know how to communicate with girls, I could stop her under some pretext, ask something, chat, charm. And at the next meeting, ask for a phone number, and so on. But I do not want. What for? I love these instant breakups of ours in the morning, I love her curly hair, and I love the fact that I know absolutely nothing about her.

She's a stranger to me. No, it's better even so - Stranger. Like Blok, remember:

And every evening at the appointed hour

(Or is it just my dream?)

Girlish camp, captured by silks, In the foggy window moves.

Only with us everything is exactly the opposite. Not evening, but morning. No silks, but sports leggings. And no fog. Fresh air. There are no drunks either. Continuous health.

And this thought suddenly made me terribly happy. My runner is a new version of the Stranger. Which appeared a hundred years later.

But she is only a symbol. Let's be specific, let's expand, let's explain.

Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale
Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale

Columnist Alexey Belyakov In recent years, well, perhaps ten years, a special female category has emerged. Very big. Previously, there were almost no such. The woman moved along a clear and rather blunt route, beaten by entire generations. Study-marriage-children-family problems-work. Hop! - she is already a grandmother, plump and short of breath. Life has passed, from the joys - only grandchildren and a device for measuring blood pressure. No, some enthusiasts went in for sports and even went skiing in winter. But too separate. The other ladies looked at these red-cheeked skiers and frowned: brrrrr. Especially if it is a woman of 40-50 years old. They seemed a little crazy. Quite already! You have to sit at home, cook soup, watch KVN. Measure pressure.

Remember how everyone at the institute school hated physical education. I studied at the pedagogical, solid girls around. So, in my group there was a girl, Candidate Master of Sports in gymnastics, she happily rushed to physical education. One from the whole course is happy. The others laughed angrily after her: "Komsomol member, damn it, an athlete …". And smoked darkly.

To be complete at forty, with hypertension, arrhythmia and some other diabetes - it seemed to be a common thing. All right, everyone is like that.

Thank God, not now.

And I'm not talking about young people at all. Those in the mass are vigorous, athletic, on roller skates and bikes. And they look mockingly after some fat woman with chips.

I'm just talking about those who are over thirty, over forty. This is who pleases me the most. How many slender, fit, dynamic there are. They are obsessed with figure and sports, they have cool diets, they also make sure to cook some kind of "healthy food" and write about it in social networks and promote it. They do not have a Corvalol and a pressure measuring device near at hand, everything is fine with them. And they all have time. Take the children to school, drive them to the pool, for another massage, cook, of course, soup, and let's not forget about work. They are not housewives, they work, and they work a lot, some more than men. And on weekends they have volleyball or bicycles with children. And skiing in winter. In my park, on a winter Sunday, it seems like there is a skiing competition. And mostly women.

Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale
Why do I love Russian women after 40 so much? A Secret Observer's Tale

Oh yes, they also run marathons, the most fashionable thing in recent times. Sometimes I ask women I know: why do you need a marathon? She laughs: “So interesting, fun! And checking yourself."

They are so perky, as if they left Deineka's paintings. In fact, the very ideal that was invented under socialism - about healthy and athletic people, about ruddy girls with oars - this ideal has been achieved only now. When socialism fell apart for thirty years.

By the way, probably someone snorted when they read that I called my Stranger from the park a girl. "What a girl if she is thirty-five!" The fact of the matter is that now we have girls up to fifty years old. Okay, until forty-five. Youth is now easy to stretch for as long as you like, if you wish.

… Once on the playground I saw a mother who was merrily chasing her daughter of about five years old. She squealed happily. Finally, Mom caught her. The girl laughs: "Well, it's not fair, let go, well, grandma!"

Yes, it was not mom. It turned out to be a grandmother. A very dashing grandmother.

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