Twenty One Pilots will come to Russia with music, love and hugs
Twenty One Pilots will come to Russia with music, love and hugs

The idol of millions, Josh Dan, one of the members of the Twenty One Pilots duo, in an exclusive interview on Radio ENERGY told where he can be met in everyday life, and also shared his impressions of the concert, which fans of the group could watch online from anywhere in the world.

Twenty One Pilots will come to Russia with music, love and hugs
Twenty One Pilots will come to Russia with music, love and hugs

Twenty One Pilots shows include a huge number of performances, in which their fans are often involved. And since there are armies of the band's fans in most countries, wherever the performances take place, they always attract everyone's attention.

For example, many domestic fans came to the band's concert in Russia, wrapped in yellow duct tape. The duo's music video - "Level Of Сoncern", is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest music video in history (177 days, 16 hours, 10 minutes and 25 seconds). One of Josh Dun's and Tyler Joseph's 2016 hits, "Stressed Out", has been officially certified with the RIAA's Diamond Music Awards for 10 million copies sold.

In 2017, when this song was awarded the highest music Grammy award, the duo members went out in shorts to get it! By the way, the group has more than one Grammy to its credit, and their previous album "Trench" went platinum. The last concert "Twenty One Pilots - Livestream Experience" took place online, and was dedicated to the release of the band's new album, Scaled And Icy.

Despite the virtual format, the show was no less grandiose and impressive, the preparation alone took 7 months. His setlist covered the entire catalog of the band, and songs from the album "Scaled And Icy" were sounded live for the first time. Josh shared his impressions with the listeners of The Black Pepper Show on Radio ENERGY.

“It was a great job. The last 2, 5 weeks before the show, we rehearsed every day from morning to night. There were 5 different sets in total and it was necessary to make sure that we would be comfortable with the transitions back and forth between sets, - noted the key point of Josh Dan. - It was interesting, because this is the first show in a long time, where we performed. It did not take place in the traditional format to which we are accustomed: on the one hand - the stage, on the other - the audience. The recording of our performance took up the entire floor of the arena. It was a new and unusual experience for us, but in the end we played our songs, which is always a lot of fun. But if every time I had to perform like this, then, I think, the friendly support of the audience would quickly become lacking. This makes it hard"

Twenty One Pilots will come to Russia with music, love and hugs
Twenty One Pilots will come to Russia with music, love and hugs

The host of the radio program Black Pepper Simon, in turn, congratulated the artist on the release of his new album "Scaled And Icy". And he asked to explain why he is noticeably different from other works of the group.

“It has a different sound. I think that when we wrote it, the world was in an interesting place, many people were in pain, many died. By writing the album at such a time, we tried to counteract all this, - stressed the artist. “This feeling played an important role, so it seems to me that this is the main difference”

The artist called on his Russian fans to be bolder and to express themselves in any way they like. For example, dye your hair the most challenging color. The singer admitted that he always liked it.

“Mine, by the way, are not painted now, but Tyler's are painted. The main colors of this album are pink and blue, so you can wear something in this color. Our traditional yellow duct tape, I think, is acceptable in the framework of the new album. I think everyone should dye their hair, buy awesome merchandise and wrap themselves in a yellow ribbon,”the artist called on his admirers.

Many of the videos were filmed by the duo in Josh's hometown of Columbus, the capital of the American state of Ohio. It turns out that there are many interesting places here, and fans of the group can take a full tour of them. In addition, there is a high probability of meeting Dan himself there.

“There is a great place that I enjoy - the North Market. Everyone needs food, and there is always food for everyone. Food is brought to the North Market from all over the world - this is a very cool place, I like it. And it is located in an area where you can walk somewhere else and enjoy something that that part of Columbus has to offer. I love going there, so if you fly from Russia and go to the Northern Market, then there is a chance that I will also sit there and eat ice cream,”Josh shared his life hack.

And if your meeting takes place, you should remember that, by the musician's own admission, he loves Russia very much, and his favorite currency is hugs! You can find out all the details from the interview from the full video version on the YouTube channel of Radio ENERGY.

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